07 February 2017

back on the needles

Hi all - Juliann here in the wintery Pacific Northwest.
My first go at starting this shawl went sideways pretty fast.  I had enlarged the charts and then cut them to fit together.  In the cutting, I omitted an important instruction - knit the center section twice - argh!  So I pulled it off the needles and set it aside.
An ice and snow storm hit us Sunday evening so we woke up to a dark house and the message that school was cancelled.  I pulled on my yoga pants and wool socks and sat close enough to the window to get some good light and began again.  The picot cast on went more smoothly on this second try and by the time the power came back in the evening, I had almost finished all 447 stitches.
This morning we got another message to cancel school - this time because the roads are too icy for safe travel.  So I climbed back into bed and finished the picot cast on and the first two rows of chart A.
Now, before I move forward, I thought I would ask for some suggestions about chart reading and knitting.  I know the basics about direction and how that changes the stitch you make.  I understand the repeats inside the red sections of each part of the chart and of course I know to knit the center section twice.  The charts are so small, I wondered how you all read them.  And do you use stitch markers on the charts?  Any help is welcome.  I probably won't get back to this until the weekend.  I am determined to finsih this lovely shawl.


  1. Hi Juliann, I went to my local print/copy shop and had my charts enlarged. I used MANY stitch markers. I put them every 2 repeats of the pattern and I put one marker on each side of the spine stitches. I used different color markers for each section of the charts, too. I counted at the end of each marker because you do not want to have to go back. It is slower this way, but it works for me. The lace pattern is very fun. I am now finished with it and starting the body. Happy knitting.

    1. Thanks - I was thinking that more place markers might be a good idea

  2. Hi Juliann, popping in to give my two cents. I use an app called knit companion. It has transformed chart reading for me with highlighting and pinch and zoom capabilities. I'm working on last year's KAL (still), but the app keeps things bookmarked on my phone. Sometimes I even use Google Home to cast the screen onto the TV, so things are really big. I highly recommend trying out the app. Hope that helps!