10 March 2017

A Finished Object - Guest blogger Andrea

Oh my, I've finished the Anisos - strung along by Kelli O'Melli and Melissa.  It's amazing what a catalyst other knitters are to one's progress.  This was an amazing project.  The most daunting part of the project was the !735! picot cast-on stitches.  From there it was a rewarding, diminishing knit.  I love the finished project.  Size-wise it's perfect.  Construction - brilliant!  I loved this!  Thank you oneknitwit, and twoknitwit AKA Kelli and Melissa.  You are rockstars.  I love knitting along. (Thank you, Kelli, for your photography skills)

13 January 2017

OH ME! OH MY! ~Kelli

D R A M A   Q U E E N  
I couldn't be more happy!  It's just like I imagined!  The shawl does have hints of blue
that the picture doesn't capture.  The pattern and yarn are amazing!  The 735 picot cast ons didn't kill
me like I thought they would.  I did have anxiety, which fueled me forward.  Stunning to look at
magical to wear.
I'm onto test knitting around 1500 yards in lace for BrooklynTweed, he has a new lace yarn in
the works!  For those of you who live in the Washington State, Jared Flood will be
at Madrona in Tacoma selling his yarns Feb,16-18th!!!

I'm excited watching for posts, in wherever  place you are!

Because Of A Knit A Long ~ Kelli

So grateful for the 'shout out' on Facebook from Round Mountain Fibers!  They are a newer small hand-dyed business in Vermont. They dye beautiful colorways, birds is the color theme that I know of right now, take a moment to check them out.
  Oh yeah I'm finished with my Anisos, and will of coarse post more!  Come find me on fb if you want.  Kelli Cole Wyll   
Look at this gorgeous Anisos shawl in Round Mountain Fibers​! I love how it shows off the variegated quality of the semi-solid. #rmffingering#RMFgradient

10 January 2017

Anisos Shawl Progress - guest blogger Karen

Hello!  I am so happy to be joining in this knit along, thanks so much for inviting me.  I started my shawl within 48 hours of the start date.  I foolishly posted on instagram that I didn't make any mistakes on the picot cast on edge.  That is true.  However, after that post, I dropped a stitch in a yarn over section and was unable (sigh....) to fix my error.

So I ripped everything out and started all over again.  Hence the silence.  You cannot be so bold as to announce "look at me no mistakes!!".  That taunting brings on the knitting Gods funny sense of humor.

So I humbly present my progress thus far.  I have finished both charted sections and just started the body of the shawl.  I only knit when I am not paying attention to talking or a really good TV show.

(the dropped stitch was from a Dr. Who episode with Amy Pond).

The yarn I am using is delightful.  I snapped it up at a shop in the clearance bin and adore how silvery gray it is.  I also love when wool is mixed with a bit of silk, such a delight to knit.

My Ravelry notes are here.
I blog at pumpkin sunrise.

06 January 2017

Friends! Lace! Togetherness! New Year! KALing! & lots of Picots! ~ Kelli

Welcome all who are here! Happy 2017!

My aren't we the "go getters". I've taken many deep breathes while under the Anisos spell.  I'm very grateful for those purl 'check points' is what I call them, that follow throughout the two sided lace piece.

Hope you all are enjoying, like I am this lacey long beauty.  I must say bottom up is not my 'cup of tea', but since I really love this shawl, that's the path~ Melissa and I didn't have to look much, when we saw this on the screen,we were,
 yeah, what do you think?
 I was, yeah definitely!

The yarns chosen are beautiful by you all!  I'd like one in every color but will resist due to the cast ons. Which I think makes it even more special cause I'm sure when knitters see this pattern they keep searching (btw,  we didn't know before we fell in love that Anisos was set up this way) ... no not us! we both couldn't take our eyes/minds off it.

I'm having technical difficulties with pictures, I'll work on that.

Thanks all who are knitting along, for me I just so enjoy that you're there!

Happy knitting ~

p.s. gotta an email from Brooklyn Tweed  yesterday...I'll be testing for Jared Flood, with some new yarn as soon as the yarn gets to my home!!! more about that later!

02 January 2017

busy bees - posted by Melissa

Flood's Flock 2017

Don't we look gooooood!?!

I screen grabbed everyone's latest progress photo from Instagram.  I'm going to try and do this periodically, especially if you guys are going to be so good about posting pictures!  I love to see where everyone is at and hear how excited you all are to be knitting together.  Andrea is bottom center - I don't see that she has an IG account so I'll always add her from her blog posts.  The only person missing is Morgen... she has yet to post anywhere (I even checked Ravelry) so I used a placeholder center square until she pops up somewhere to say hello!

update: Morgen surfaced and has taken her place at center square!!

Okay, I have 100 picots done and 267 left, so now that a little business is done, I'm off to knit my last day of vacation away until I'm hopefully done casting on!

Happy New Year everyone and thanks so much to each of you for making it something to look forward to.  You guys are the best!


p.s. blog posts are always welcome from anyone that wants to write as well as post pictures - IG is great, but the blog is an easier format for words, if you're someone who likes to use them ; )

31 December 2016

Yarn choice for Anisos - guest blogger Andrea

Happy (almost) New Year!  I'm excited to be, once again, joining the New Year KAL.  I'm really looking forward to beginning.  The pattern is stunning and I've chosen a yarn that I have not previously knit with.  I love the color and can't wait to start casting on those 735 picots (I'm knitting the largest size).  See you in 2017!!