31 December 2009

Thanks Two

I got day 4!!! Piece`o cake. Thanks for your help.

taking care of some business....

I'd forgotten how last year we had quite a few hits from people wanting to join but knowing nothing about the pattern and how to get a copy....hopefully this will clear things up!

If you already have a copy of the pattern, you are always welcome to join us ~ let me know you have interest and we can pm each other the necessary details to get you added to the blog ~ please don't post your email address on the blog!

If you don't have a copy of the pattern, here's how it works:

it was available for free in daily installments here http://www.kalender2009.slojdohantverk.se/
from Dec 1st thru Dec 24th at which time it was removed from the website ~ it is still available but is being sold as part of a kit ~ none of us has purchased a kit so can't provide details on the price, etc so you'd have to contact them directly ~ if you still would like to join us after checking into it and have ordered the kit, let me know and I can always add you to the blog at a later date (very few of us finish this kal in a month ~ it goes on & on & on....)

hope that clears up some of the confusion and helps everyone out! happy new year ;)

Already Started!

I started the Calendar Scarf on December 26th. I am using a Malabrigo Sock Yarn in a purple green colorway. The yarn is super soft and is a pure pleasure to knit with. My progress will be sporadic in the coming days mainly because of a new puppy in the house! Thanks, Twoknitwit for inviting me. I look forward to seeing all the scarves in the coming days.

30 December 2009

I'll be choosing yarn tomorrow

I thought I had enough Panda Silk, but, alas, no. Sarah doesn't have anymore on my dye lot, but I may just choose enough of another color. I may be slower than you all - I've got a Koolhaas hat to knit for #2 son and a pair of socks for #1 son's significant other. We'll see how things go. I'm excited to cast on.

I'll be casting on...

January 1st~I hope some of you will join me!

I am planning on using some Blue Sky Alpacas Royal as I have yet had a chance to knit a complete project with this luxury yarn...am really looking forward to it.


2 skeins I hope will get me through Day 24! Thinking about size 3 needles...do I need to swatch? Eh...maybe.


Hey everybody,
It'll be fun blogging with you. Can you believe we're here again so soon?
I'll be working with sock yarn, Regia, Hand-dye Effect, it has a wide range of greens, that lighten and darken.I like it. The lace patterns are not looking clear,but I think when blocked it'll show.? I'll need to block with wires for the first time.
Thanks TwoKnitWit for keeping us going! I'm excited to see all the scarfs.

29 December 2009

DAY ONE.....

began two scarves to decide which yarn to use ~ the green is Cascade Alpaca Lace and the brown is Frog Tree Alpaca Lace ~ last year couldn't find a yarn I loved ~ this year I had 2 in my stash

decisions, decisions ...... quite possibly going to stick with ...... both ...... I'm quite insane ;)

....yikes....going to places unknown.....


and it is done.... I've entered the realm of blogging ~ said I'd never do it and here I am ~ it's for a good cause since the fun bunch of gals that kal'd last year's Calendar scarf needed a new home this year (Tone will be missed ~ as a knitter and moderator!)

so, here's to another fun-filled adventure and hopefully this blog goes as smoothly as last year's ~ I'll do my best ;)

http://calenderscarfkal.blogspot.com/ ...... here's the link to last year's blog if anyone is interested