30 September 2012

my fly guy ~ posted by Melissa

I been insane on a train, but I'm still me again and the place that I hold you is true.  So I know I'm alright 'cause I'd have to be crazy to fall out of love with you.  ~ Willie Nelson
Deschutes River ~ Maupin, Oregon

Rattlesnake Hunter

near Boxcar Rapids ~ quick trout pose & then released

25 September 2012

Froggies are my friends ~ posted by Kimberly

Well I am crawling back out of the pond again. But this time it will perfect.

19 September 2012

yearned, imagined, mine ~ posted by Melissa

have you ever seen a yarn and knew in a snap that you must have it

 3 skeins of madelinetosh tosh dk 'Mansfield Garden Party'

and were lucky enough to know someone that was willing to sell it to you (thanks, Kyle!)
3 skeins become 1 giant cake ~ 225yds of 24-ply merino wool

and while you waited for it to arrive dreamed about what you would make with it 

colors reminiscent of Monet's paintings

and knew instantly when you opened the package that this yarn must become a certain something 

big, squishy seed stitch

and after casting on realized that this project couldn't be any more perfect

 My enormous 'Gap-tastic Cowl' turned out just as I had envisioned.  It's long enough to wrap loosely around my neck three times and narrow enough that it doesn't come up over my chin.  One strand of this colorway is pretty enough on its own, but lay 3 strands side by side and knit them together and there are so many different gorgeous color combinations with every stitch that it was really hard to put this project down!

I'm a bit envious of knitters who live in cold climates since I probably won't get too much wear out of this knit in the Pacific Northwest, but if I do get to wear it once or twice every winter, I'll consider myself lucky!
Is everyone planning their cold-weather knits for this year?  I can't wait to see what my friends decide are their 'must haves' this season, and be inspired by their choices.  Hope everyone is having a great week!   ~ Melissa

15 September 2012

A Girl Knitting and Her Cat~ a post from Kelli

My second visit to the Island Chicks event was today. Last time I picked up my 'sunday best' Aster Spodie dishes. This time I discover this 20"x12" print of a girl taking a break from knitting at the window.
If you'd like to know more about the artist click http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johan_Christoffer_Boklund I do regularly shop tag sales, thrift stores, and flea markets, but knitting pictures are very hard to find. She's a treasure.

11 September 2012

a boy and his dog ~ posted by Melissa




Sometimes we joke that we should have named the dog Riley instead of Dozer...as in 'living the life'.  'Cause he does...   live the life...  and it is sweet!   ~ Melissa
(We've also decided that he's the guardian angel dog of the neighborhood.  We have a well used walking/bike path in front of our house, which is on a really busy road and the only time he barks is when a dog is not on a leash so we always know when Duke or Tiki get out ~ which is almost daily lately.  He's like Lassie, barking to tell everyone that Timmy has fallen down the well.  So, we grab the leash and a few treats, go outside and take one or the other of these dogs home and always tell Dozer thanks for saving their puppy lives.  No wonder he's tired ~ he's a canine superhero!)

10 September 2012

Nupps r us maybe? ~ posted by Kimberly

Well here is hopefully a picture of what I have so far after the trips in the pond and a set of broken needle tips

07 September 2012

decisions ~ posted by Melissa

while I patiently wait for some Prairie Shawl photo updates from Morgen, Kimberly and Kelly, here's what I've been up to...

I've narrowed my yarn choices for Niebling Mania , set to start in a month or so, down to 2 finalists:

shall I go soft and subtle:
JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk 2/18 in 'Daffodil'
or shocking and spicy?
Jade Sapphire Lacey Lamb in 'Paprika'
I'll spend the weekend looking at the patterns I bought and try and narrow them down to just one or two and from there try and put the perfect yarn together with the right design.
The planning is half the fun!  Have a great weekend!  ~ Melissa
(and I feel funny throwing up my state fair results so I'll link you back to the items I entered if you're curious to see how I did!  Don't feel obligated to look!  Links are below...)

04 September 2012

Evergreen State Fair 2012 ~ A post from Kelli

Here I am standing with approval of the yarn bombed post in the 'needle' section of the Evergreen State fair. My fairisle vest from last year 'faired' well.
I don't know what it is about seeing my husband (Jr.) bend down from his 6'3" frame to pet a baby alpaca but it just warms my heart. He and I went to the Fair this year and even tho we did have a fun time, it wasn't the same as when Melissa and I go. Her and I can get to laughing, and go to another level of understanding about fibers and hand crafted wears. Hoping you're well. Looking forward to the new knit-a-long. Kelli