31 May 2015

This blog is too quiet... guest blogger Penny

I can't hold a candle to the amazing Kelli, because aside from hats, this is all I've knitted for a while. Hope it won't offend. I thought it was hilarious.

"Bite Me" pattern.

29 May 2015

TNNA 2015, Columbus Ohio from Kelli

Having a blast here in Ohio, looking for yarns and goodies to order and bring to Sarah's shop, Wild Fibers~  Wish you were here!  Hoping to see the Ravelry crew tomorrow and send a picture.  Oh happy day!

25 May 2015

Remembering ~ Jeff, my hero from Kelli

I have good memories of teasing this young man. While traveling to youth group camps. I never knew then what an honor it was~  it's been 10 years. KIA May 30, 2005. I got to call this hero a friend.  

15 May 2015

Get Your Local Yarn Shop "ON" - posted by Kelli

The 2015 Local Yarn Shop Tour, Puget Sound area happening now! Though
Sunday, May 17th !
Please join us in celebrating our 10th year of shop touring.
 If you can't make it to our area, make it to your own LYS, in support.
Our tour is making it more interesting with every shop on the tour
giving away  free patterns as well as an originally designed button!
Everyone can purchase this commemorative tote bag~
Stop by Wild Fibers and come see me, now through Saturday
to get your " Where The Wild Things Knit" button! and of coarse
all our fabulous yarn!

                           ~ Kelli

11 May 2015

Needles vs Knees - posted by Kelli

Really enjoy Mothers Day, while my husband drove I knitted away the time to our destination.  We shuffled slowly through Pike Place Market. Seeing bunches of flowers being carried away to appreciated moms. Exhausted after shopping we found our way back to our truck.  As I climbed in I saw the damage, stitches loose!  and the broken interchangeable!  Who? Why? How? I still have the ride home I could be knitting!  
My husband had some how crushed my needle with his knee.  He was over apologetic!  He felt awful. As if I'd have to take the whole sweater out and start over.  I tried to assure him it was an easy fix, once home. Made me think, how much fear have I embedded  in him?
 What a sweet guy to be so concerned.  
On the trip home I had time to look around and take advantage of a little nap. 
Knit On~ Kelli