24 November 2012

here a knitter, there a knitter ~ posted by Melissa

We had a break in our nasty fall weather today so I ran down to Lighthouse Beach in Mukilteo to snap some pictures of this year's Christmas knitting before wrapping everything up.  Met quite a few really nice people...who were knitters, imagine that!  One woman stopped to chat for a few minutes and since it's small business Saturday, wanted to know where 'my shop was' so she could go make a few purchases.  She was shocked when I told her I knit for fun and don't sell what I make.  Unlike a lot of people, though, she totally understands the time that it takes to make something by hand (her mother was a knitter) and said she'd be willing to pay enough for a handmade garment to reimburse a crafter for their time and to get the quality you don't find in most store bought items.  I almost gave her a hug ~ she was awfully sweet.  I also met a college gal named Mae (hello, Mae ~ don't forget everything you saw and heard is TOP SECRET!) who I exchanged contact info with so we could find each other on Ravelry.  She actually approached me to ask if I was taking pictures to post on Rav ~ like I said, knitters...they're everywhere!  I gave her some tips on my favorite shops since she lives in Eastern Washington so she made a list ~ Churchmouse, Weaving Works and Wildfibers ~ all must visits I think!

Hope everyone had a cozy Thanksgiving and is enjoying the long weekend.  I better get ~ I've got lots of wrapping to do! 

19 November 2012

Santa's workshop...closed for the season ~ posted by Melissa

I had this master plan in January to start my Christmas knitting and be done with it quickly so I wouldn't still be working on things at the last minute.  Great idea ~ one small detail threw a wrench into that plan.  With 12 months before Christmas, my knitting list grew in leaps and bounds compared to what I would normally do if I began knitting in September.  Not complaining, just saying. 

I'm so excited to give the recipients their presents this year.  There has been a ton of behind the scenes goings on that I'm excited to share once I can do so without spoiling the surprises.  I churned out 10 gifts ~ that's about 185,000 stitches if I did my math correctly and around 4,700 yds of yarn.  Lots of work but everyone I knit for is completely knitworthy. 

And finally, here's some very exciting news!!  Do you guys remember this post of baby clothing that I had made for my husband's friend/coworker and his wife?  Well, this is little Neoma Jane who is now 2 months old wearing one of the sweaters I made for her.  Two weeks ago my husband and I were asked to be her Godparents ~ we are so shocked and honored and tickled, and of course we said yes!!  I have a little girl that I can knit for forever and as you can guess, I've already started.  I whipped out a little sweater this weekend to give to her now and I'll probably make something for her for Christmas, also.  Probably.  Did I really just write that?  You know I will for sure!

Any ideas on cute baby girl items I should take a look at?  I'm open to all suggestions!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving ~ I know we have much to be thankful for this year :)

04 November 2012

the smallest of dents ~ posted by Melissa

the center flower is complete ~ rows 1-26 are finished ~ 2,568 stitches so far
only 344 more rows to go...  and loving every stitch

03 November 2012

just can't knit right now...post from Kelli

It's hard for me to believe, but I'm just to nervous to knit. My High School freshmen daughter Isabell is swimming/winning hard. Tonight she quaified for the 'state' meet, next weekend, in the 200IM,(individual medley 200 yards)!!! With a time of 2 minute 30 seconds. I'm so excited for her I can't settle myself for hours after her meets which means no knitting. I need to find a quicker way to settle down. This will be all over too soon and I'll be back to knitting as I like, until then, it's nice to watch from the sidelines on all the going ons with you knitters. Kelli

02 November 2012

when 2nd choice is even better ~ posted by Melissa

The 'daffodil' is restashed and a pound of 'ice blue' Zephyr Jaggerspun 2/18 is sitting in front of me.

I am happy.  Really happy!  I've been wanting to knit something blue and I couldn't be more pleased with this soft powdery pastel shade.  I cannot wait to cast on tomorrow when the light is better.  Have a cozy weekend, all, and hopefully I'll have a little progress to share in a few days!  ~ Melissa