29 November 2015

Churchmice Elves ~ By Kelli

Making Christmas merrier ~ my new knitted friends, thanks to Churchmouse and Rowan Fine Tweed. Check out CM newly released Jolly wee Elf pattern or if you have the 2012 Holiday newsletter, it's in there for free! Oh yeah, Go Hawks!

22 November 2015

A Serious Find!~ a post from Kelli

Sometimes when I have a "free day" to pass the time with thrift store browsing. Love when I can light heartily, with an  open mind, prowl the isles for unique and unexpected items. 
Here is a lovely Aran Sweater/Fishermen Sweater that I've just recently came out of shock from that I own.  Fits as if was knitted for me. 
It's perfectly hand knitted, worsted weight. Kinda reminds me of the Beekman Tavern sweater. If anyone knows this pattern let me know. 

You just never know what you'll find for $7.99!

15 November 2015

New Toy!!! ~ post from Kelli

My newest Yarn Bowl!  I won it at the yearly retreat, by bidding and bidding so someone else would pay big bucks for the charity we donate too, but I bid one time to many ~ a great donation to a wonderful charity! I didn't expect it but I do love it. 

13 November 2015

I Cry for Paris - Melissa

I have no words for what is happening in Paris tonight.
 My heart goes out to everyone there and for what they're experiencing.

I revisit this piece every time something like this happens...which is all too often. It helps me find perspective when I feel like there is no hope left for humanity.

I hope it helps you if you feel hopeless.

(written by Patton Oswalt after the Boston Marathon bombings)

08 November 2015

Sunday Funny - posted by Melissa

PUT YOUR NAME ON IT~ post from Kelli

My sweet friend Carol Harrington bought these personalized labels for me years ago ~  

If you knit it, you may want to tag your name or saying on it?
I don't use them as much as I'd like, I forget about them. 
I especially like to add them if I actually designed the knit, like I did here. I don't see why not to sew them on if not my design. I've done that too. 

You can order these online or maybe Etsy has them~
Maybe  you could surprise your fiber- loving friends with these as a gift?

01 November 2015

Welcome November - posted by Melissa

Got in a quick walk at Big Gulch before the next wave of rain hit this morning.
The woods smell so good this time of year.
Fall hikes are the best.

Homemade cheddar cornbread muffins just out of the oven, football on TV (GO HAWKS!) and my Girasole almost done....maybe today if I buckle down!!

Happy autumn, happy Sunday, happy knitting, happy November!

- Melissa