19 October 2012

Herbert Niebling knitalong - posted by Melissa

the genius at work

We're shooting for a week from tomorrow as our official cast on date for Nieblingmania ~ is everyone ready?  Kelli is opting out on this one so I believe aside from myself, there are 4 others so far that are going to play along (Jeff, Kelly, Morgen and Andrea).  If I'm forgetting anyone, chime in and I'll make sure I've got you added as an author on the blog.  If you're thinking about joining us and haven't added your name yet, here are the details:

  • Cast on date is Saturday, October 27th
  • It's a kal freeforall ~ everyone is knitting the pattern of their choice as long as it's a Niebling.
  • There is no deadline so no pressure to rush through his complicated designs ~ we're in this one for the long haul to help each other learn to read his patterns and hopefully, end up with some new knowledge and some amazing finished pieces.
  • You can post anytime you wish (i.e. pictures to share, successes and disasters along the way, questions, pleas for help, encouragement, kick in the butt, you name it!)
So, if you've chosen your pattern and yarn, feel free to post your choices so we can see.  If you'd like to join us and haven't yet, let me know either here or on Ravelry and I'll let you know what I need to get you added to the blog.  I'm ready for a good challenge and to get back to some lacework ~ I'm oh, so close to being done with my holiday knitting (4,700 yds since January!!) and can't wait to hunker down and get immersed in this knitalong with some really fun people!

We're a week away from kick off!  Excited??  I am :)         ~ Melissa

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