19 August 2010

Opportunity's been knocking.....

and it would be downright rude not to let him in, right? A fun event coming up in a couple months for us knitwits but we still have some details to iron out ~ more to come later ;)
so, until we can say more, here's another photo from the fair ~

15 August 2010

The beauty my eye beholds.....

A Day at the Fair

From humble pi beginnings.......

to a glorious finish.......

Hands down the toughest thing I've made ~ I struggled with the cast on, dropped stitches, missed loops on the nupps, split yarn and an entire dp needle fell out of my work (!) but I was able to fix every error (a feat in itself!). Painstaking knit but a huge learning experience in my lace journey ~ and obviously well worth all the work! We found out who the judges were after we entered our knits and I have to say, they know their knitting! One of the judges used to own the yarn shop that Kelli works at now and we actually took our first class from her 3 1/2 years ago. The other is part of Thursday knit group and teaches classes and is a great person to go to for help ~ she knows everything! I heard yesterday when I picked up my entries that they couldn't find one mistake in my Snow Queen ~ that's as big a pat on the back as the 1st place blue ribbon and 2 rosettes I received ~ one for Best of Class and the other for Best of Show.

What a blast! The bar has been raised ~ we're already trying to figure out what to make for next year.....it's quite an incentive to learn more and strive for perfection.

And I should mention that the pattern was amazing, as well as just about everything this designer invents ~ you can find her creations on Ravelry and they're also available on her blog @ badcatdesigns.blogspot.com

11 August 2010

Here's what we've been waiting for...

that's right!!!
A "Blue Ribbon"!~
A "Best Of Class"~and!!!
"BEST OF SHOW"!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 ribbons and no little deal!!! Congratulations Melissa!!!!!
Isn't that great!!!

O.K. now for my amazing news...drum roll please....
I was thrilled just to see the blue ribbon I got, but at closer look...a "Best of Class" too!!!

Ask My daughter Bella, I gasped and had a small lump in my throat, when I saw B.O.C!!!
When can we do it again? It was a lot of fun. We'll never be able to knit a sweater that'll fit over our heads!!! oh yeah, that's probably why they have cardigans~;)

Congratulations!!! Great work! A wonderful "Red ribbon" awaits for Melissa and her amazing scarf!

All the pigs were dreaming away, we looked for "Charlotte". Never found her.

The sheep was a little scared...

Just another day at the Fair!Say hello to Bubba...

08 August 2010

One Of My Favorites

Here she is...TA DA. All pinned up and ready to show! My first entry in the Skagit County Fair. It's great being a knitter.
Melissa (and our new
friend Karen on her left.) Knitting
away, I think I watched the game
for a total of 5 min. cause we had
famous knitters to meet, booths to shop
oh yeah... and food to eat!



Entry Day

a semi-sleepless night ~ it will be hard to let them go for a few days....
glad my partner in crime is doing this with me today ~ another fun adventure!

eta: that wasn't as hard as I thought ~ actually ended up volunteering to do a shift on Saturday watching over everyone's entries ~ here's a few more pics from today (hopefully Kelli will share hers later since I didn't get a great pic of her amazing entry ~ it's the gold shawl behind me in my photos)....

06 August 2010

More Stitch n Pitch 2010 Photos

Debbie Bliss threw out the 1st pitch followed by oneknitwit & knitwittiest, our birthday girl who was sweetly seranaded by a clarinetist after the game

my haul ~ book autographed by Nicky Epstein ~ click on picture and read the inscription at the top of the page ~ hehehehehe ~ very funny :)

Stitch n Pitch 2010

what a blast ~ the boss was nice & gave me the day off so the gals could make a day of it ~ celebrated our sister-in-law's birthday as well ~ we were first in line at the gate and got our Mariner Moose knitting bobbleheads and a few other free items at the vendors' booths ~ spent some of this year's knitting budget also but not too much ~ met some nice folks and made a new friend (karenrc on Ravelry) who made the trek up from Portland on the train ~ our new connection for info on Portland yarn shops for a future road trip ~ the day was a hoot from beginning to end .... can't wait for next year