27 January 2010

friends far and wide....

just wanted to say I'm glad that you are all in my knitting circle ~ I've been surprised with some fun gifts from a few of you the last couple weeks and just wanted to share and say thanks so much for being a fun bunch of friends

from twisted I received these fun fun fun things for a little somethin' somethin' I did for her ~ the return far exceeded my favor but was greatly appreciated....thanks for being my BSA hookup!

and today from one of my retreat roomies I received a little handmade get well gift (you multi-talented girl, Lanne!) ~ I know a fellow roomie that will be jealous ~

wish I could figure out how to post this underneath Andrea's finished scarf post but I can't figure out how to do it ~ it needs to be at the top of the blog!

The Money Shots

I'm pleased to present the finished product, blocked and ready. Happy Knitting to all!

26 January 2010

The Final Result

I was able to take pictures today of my scarf after blocking it yesterday. This scarf was such a wonderful project. I really enjoyed knitting it and I liked that there was a different pattern for each day. Not a chance for boredom to set in.

25 January 2010

Slow and Steady...Day 5

Slow going for me...but I figure if I can get 1 or 2 sections a week, this is a viable goal for me. I can't knit the lace with little kids around, it's just too distracting and I tink and frog way too much. I don't like the frog pond, so I prefer to do all I can to stay out of it. The more I can stay motivated on this the better--as Insomnia's Scarf from the year before took FOREVER to finish. Day 5 has the knit double decreases in the center of the columns, which I really like. I did find this day to be more challenging than Day 4--so it did take me a bit longer to finish this section.

I am really enjoying seeing everyone else's completed and almost completed scarves! Beauty in the holes...who'd have guessed?

Onto to Day 6!


24 January 2010

Me too!!!

I'm going to wash and block tomorrow and then will try to get a photo of the finished project that does justice to the beautiful soft gray yarn. Wow, this was so much fun. Knit on, everybody, I can't wait to see everybody's finished shawl.


Day Twenty-four...

done ~ just need to block but the blocking wires I ordered from knitpicks are MIA (or quite possibly sitting at work where I had them sent ... where I haven't been for a while)

will post a final photo once blocked and dry ~ hoping the cast-on edge straightens out ~ don't like that one finished edge is scalloped and the other is straight

23 January 2010

Day 20, 21, 22, & 23

It seems like almost every day's pattern is my new favorite. Almost finished, I can't believe how fast this went. It's fun to have a little challenge trying to keep current with the group. I can't wait to block and wear this. This yarn has been so hard to photograph and these are the worst yet. I didn't use the flash because it was completely washing out the detail and here they look "dijon yellow". The finished scarf will be photographed much better, hopefully.


decided to skip day 21 ~ my scarf is so long already and one more panel with nupps just didn't appeal to me so I've left it off

Day Twenty-two....

Day Twenty-three....

really like these last two panels ~ one more to go ...

22 January 2010

...she's back...sort of...

nursing a doozy of a cold this week ~ can't seem to shake it and it keeps getting worse ~ thanks for the funny notes Kelli & Andrea ~ haven't felt like blogging (or doing much of anything really) but I have been following every ones progress & appreciate the well wishes ;)

I've had some panels done but haven't posted them so here they are ~ had a really hard time photographing day 19 ~ it's really pretty but for some reason I couldn't get it pinned down to show the pattern (I think lack of patience more than anything)

Day Eighteen....

Day Nineteen....

Day Twenty....

hope to get back on track here soon ~ it's really hard to knit when you haven't been sleeping and you're all hopped up on cold meds!

21 January 2010

Getting closer to the E N D!!!!

Here are some photos of my scarf, I just finished Day 20 yesterday. I will be so happy when Day 24 rolls around.......it is getting so much closer! I would have posted this morning, but my camera decided to die on me. So although I am very sad that the camera is broken, I am happy to shop for a newer and better one with more features :)

Nature's Calendar~2010

What a joy, to finish! Amazing what can be created with yarn,two wooden needles,and a great pattern.

Look forward to seeing yours~

20 January 2010

Over the fence
Catch the sheep
Lead him through
And off he leaps

~traditional rhyme for teaching the knit stitch

Our fearless leader TwoKnitWit is not feeling herself, any good jokes or advice to send her way?


Day 19 Complete

I started later in the evening and wasn't sure I'd get it done, but this was a pretty quick pattern. Love, love, love how it looks. It is really pretty, probably my favorite, so far. I'm on the home stretch. WooHoo! Happy knitting everybody - let's see some pictures.

18 January 2010

Days 15, 17, & 18 Complete

Day Seventeen....

row 17 should end with 'ESK3' and not 'ESK4' ~ other than that, fun day ;)

17 January 2010

Day Sixteen....

glad this day is over ~ a little tedious ~ I like the more involved panels better

16 January 2010

Day Fifteen....

would like this day better if the bobbles were evenly spaced vertically ~ it bothers me that they're not ~ there's that Virgo thing again .... gotta be me ;)

also, the pattern ends with row 31 BUT you do need to do one more wrong-side row (row 32) to be on the correct side to start day sixteen....

which looking ahead, seems really boring after the last few panels!

...and on a lighter note, the hubby and I decided that these bobbles look like nipples and he worried that I was posting my nipples on the internet for all to see, but I told him I'd only show you 4 of them so it's ok .... hehehe

15 January 2010

Days 14 & 16

I'm now going back to do day 15. Thanks twoknitwit and oneknitwit for your help. I love this project!
day 8
day 7

day 6

day 5
Haven't quite blocked anything really. So I used my board that I bought a while back and pinned down the scarf to take better pictures. What do you know you can see the pattern! Hmm should have done that before.


...aka bobbles! that's all they are ~ I did the first row this morning before work ~ easy and cute so definitely worth doing (I was worried they were going to be bulky but they are small)

they use 1 stitch only from your left needle ~ knit in the front, back, front and back again without removing the working stitch from the left needle (puts 4 stitches on your right needle), and then remove the stitch from the left needle (so your 1 stitch has now become 4 on your right)

then you turn your work (stitches now on your left needle) and purl all 4 st back to your right needle

then you turn your work (stitches now on your left needle again) and knit all 4 st back to your right needle

then you turn your work (stitches now on your left needle again) and purl all 4 stitches back to your right needle (a bit looser will aid with the next row so don't purl this row too tightly!)

finally, turn your work back to the right side again and knit these 4 stitches together (which brings your stitch count back down to the 1 you started with)

this makes a cute little bobble ~ hope this helps

I'll see if I can find a video I can post a link to later.....

14 January 2010

don't understand the DROPS (?)

I'm skipping Day 15 and going on to Day 16 until I can get someone to explain to me the Drops in Day 15. I tried but my yarn does not afford me the luxury of much unknitting. I may have to try it out on practice yarn. I just don't quite get it. Day 14 is finished and I'll get the picture up tomorrow. Happy knitting, everyone!

Day Fourteen....

...still (barely) managing to keep up...only because I got off work a little early today and took a short power nap when I got home~ there's a new dog somewhere in our neighborhood that has been left outside the last 3 nights and has NOT been happy about it ~ poor thing ~ poor me ;)

Day 4

And I'm 1/2 done with Day 5.

I'm the straggler but that's okay, slow and steady. I have too many UFO's and these scarves are NOT conducive to childcare and house management...argh! I refuse to put my scarf in the corner until insomnia hits me again (like last years scarf!) yet I am compelled to keep at it in bits and pieces. I am a "all or nothing" kind of gal, so even this is a challenge for me...but that's okay! You all will get the mistakes worked out for me and I shall prevail with corrected pattern in hand and hopefully finish this before 2011. :LOL!

13 January 2010

Day Thirteen....

...I obviously did a lousy job pinning this down for a pic...this pattern is really pretty but doesn't look so in this photo ;(

Chart 14 errata

I don't know if any of you are utilizing the German charts, but Day 14 has a little glitch. The ESK4 PLUS the next stitch should be the initial grouping, the repeated grouping starts at stitch 6 and incorporates one additional stitch from the end grouping. . I'm not going to rewrite the chart. (just moving the the lines over one stitch on each end solves it.) I hope this is clear. If you are reading the chart, you'll be able to fix it easily.

12 January 2010

Day 13 completed

This was so much easier for some reason that yesterday, not that much different stitches, but just flowed so much better. I'm on the 2nd half! Wow, this is fun. I've used somewhere in the 550-575 yard vicinity. I haven't measured the piece. I'll be doing that soon.

11 January 2010

Day 12 Complete

Wow, for some reason this pattern kicked my butt. We just didn't get along and I did a log of unknitting. However, I won in the end. It's pretty. Something about the repeat was not as obvious and more concentration was needed.

Day Twelve....

1/2 way done ~ whew! decided against blocking before I'm completely done ~ length so far unblocked is about 32" and I've used almost 550yds

it looks like I've missed some YO's but they're there ~ this really needs to be blocked!

Days, 9, 10, & 11

These were all fun patterns, a little easier that the previous ones. They are all so fun and if you get bored, just give it a day. These pictures were taken without flash, so they look a little funky, color-wise.

Here are three more photos of my scarf. I had completed 11 days! Funnily, I accidentally skipped day six so that is out of order but completed. I am just glad that I did figure it out when I was showing my family my progress.