28 May 2012

nobody's perfect

49 geese flew due north over our house today ~ going home to Canada for the summer I suspect!
Not quite a 'v' formation ... more like a checkmark!
~  Melissa

I wasn't kidding!

I finished 2 more projects today...and NO, Kelli, Bridgewater was not one of them!

 Pattern: Cranberry Capelet by Thea Colman

 Yarn: madelinetosh merino dk in 'Warm Mushroom' (I've gushed 
 about madtosh before but in case you've missed it, ♥♥♥♥ x1000!

I started this on our knitting retreat this past October and it's been done for months other than weaving in ends and blocking.

Good grief.  Now I have to wait til summer is over before I can wear it....and it is darn cute on, too!

 Pattern: Kiss of North by Melissa Schaschwary

Yarn: Berroco Peruvia in 'Grano'

This was a really fast and easy knit and I can wear it year round....in fact, I have it on right now!

This is the second sweater I've made from the monster buy of this colorway I made right after I started knitting.  I think the rest will be going to THIS year's retreat to be sold at our silent auction!  ~  Melissa

27 May 2012

Weasleypants, where have you been all my life?

I won't blather on (as Kathleen Taylor claims to do :) ...) ~ suffice it to say...

I this project

I increased the circumference so this cowl can be worn long like this

or doubled like this

or folded in half lengthwise and then doubled like this

Pattern: Chickadee Cowl (Kirsten Kapur of Through the Loops! has made the pattern available for free on Rav)

Yarn: MCN Fingering by Two if By Hand Yarns (colorway ~ Weasleypants) ~ highly recommend this yarn!

Notes and modifications can be found here on my Ravelry project page

Off to finish another project!   ~ Melissa

26 May 2012


Weasleypants Cowl ~ a bathing beauty!

Even this little guy is on high alert for some finished photos!!   ~ Melissa

24 May 2012

busy as a bee

Hello, all!
     Just checking in since it's been awhile.  We've been doing loads of yard work (the picture above is one of the lavender plants we put in this past fall...they bloomed last week and the bees are hard at work now!).  Still finding a few minutes here and there between work and chores and goofing off to get some knitting done, most of which has been for Christmas or top-secret test knitting so I can't share any of it (darn it!!).  I was asked a few weeks ago how many projects I have on the needles right now and to my horror, I actually had no idea.  Not a great feeling for this queen of organization as I've never had more than a handful of things going at once.  So, I've been pulling out wip's and getting some things finished up and hopefully in the next week or so, I may actually have something I can share with everyone!
     I do know that Jeff has finished his Bridgewater and I think pictures are soon to come!  I am officially bringing up the rear on this kal, also not normal for me.  I do believe I have lost all control! 
     Hope everyone is enjoying this glorious spring weather!  Dozer sure is ;)       ~ Melissa

13 May 2012

"Fiber Artist"...uh hu...you heard it right~

...that's what Whidbey News Times said, there may be no living with me now. I was asked to sell some knitted items (of my own patterns) in my friends local coffee shop, The Bridge Cafe. I thought why not, I've sold a few things and have been told, like we all have "you're not asking enough for your knitted things". As long as I'm having fun with it I'll continue. So I thought I'd share my small dot of excitment. ~http://www.whidbeynewstimes.com/business/151182875.html and a Happy Mothers Day to you who mother~ Kelli

08 May 2012

A Few New Favorites

The Old Clock on the Stairs, by Longfellow is my favorite poem so far. While 'thiftstoring' all day last saturday I found a great book, a book of american and english poets. Called Favorite Poems, copyright 1883 and 1884. My quest was for a new found love, old lace. It's my latest journey. I looked at wedding dresses and under garments,lots of acrylic stuff, I did fortunately come across one linen piece. The journey for me is almost as fun as finding a great deal. I think I'd like to add it to a knitted fingerless glove or shawl somehow.   ~ Kelli

01 May 2012

knitters = good people

I chanced upon a wonderful blog last week.

I think it's one everyone will be inspired by...

Click here to see what Lori has been up to...

It started with an idea...

which grew and grew

and grew.

And now Lori will be going to Africa with her pockets full of pockets.

Big hearts = big smiles.

I can't wait to see the photos when you get back, Lori!!!

Safe journey  ~  Melissa