29 June 2014

Bobbin & Cobweb ~ a post from Kelli

I think this is bobbin lace,  a beautiful doily , I bought this spring in Barcelona, Spain.
Bought at a swap meet, that was set in the center of one of the 'squares' set up by local
venders.  Would have spent hours there, but within  minutes of browsing the rain in Spain came
down in sheets!  But not before I bartered for this~

This was bought locally,  it's a Orenburg black Cobweb Shawl, I think.  While browsing
through Value Village, on the 1/2 off day, last summer I came across this
bunched up with a plastic hook stuck in to hang it.  I knew it was hand knit, I knew it was
cobweb lace.  I couldn't take the hook off unless I bought it. I didn't know the condition.
 So I "rolled the dice" for 1.49 + tax. 
I to my great pleasure it was amazingly perfect.  I have no idea the pattern
or maker. Let me know if any of you recognize the pattern~

P.S.  The cobweb yarn is mohair to add to the difficulty of knitting this piece.
My camera try's to catch all the fuzzy, really hard to get a good photo.


23 June 2014

snails ~ posted by Melissa

snails...of the mail and knitting variety...
I can't believe I have so few finished objects six months into the year ~ I finally finished these socks over the weekend (ravelry notes here) ~ thanks again Will for the gift of this coveted yarn...I completely loved it and can't wait to use it again.

I immediately cast on a new pair of socks (ravelry notes here) ~ we meet with new doctors this week who will hopefully have better success at healing Jason than his last ones did.  Anyway, socks are perfect for waiting rooms and hospital stays ~ hopefully the next few weeks will bring more positive results than the last ten months have.  Please send us all the good juju you can spare ~ we are so ready to be done with this and start living life again.
I find myself continually surprised with unexpected snail mail lately ~ it always seems to appear at the times I need it the most.  The smiles that these packages bring are big but nowhere near as big as the ones that cross my face knowing that we are being thought of during some tough times.  I can't thank you all enough for the constant stream of cards and reminders of all the friends we have, near and far.  You are all so appreciated ~ there are no words big enough.
This week brought many cards, yarn, hearts and even a bunny nugget :

Thank you Chris, Andi, Julie and Jesse ~ you and everyone else that has sent us something over these last months keep an eye on your mailboxes.  I carved some time out this weekend to do some crafting and there are snails coming your way, bearing a little thank you to each and every one of you.
I hope you all enjoy what I've made for you ~ it's not much but I wanted you all to know that I value each of your friendships and the kindness you have shown us.
Have a wonderful week, all, and we will try our hardest to do the same!

21 June 2014

Hello Universe... What was that you wanted? ~ A post by Kelli

         "How would it look, do you think, if everyone, old and young, would sit down together to knit for a while?  Laughter and merriment and riddles and questions and folktales and anecdotes from each person's life would blend together in stitches.  Then later, when you recall these events that have gone through your own fingers stitch by stitch, they would speak their own quiet language: Do you remember?  Do you remember?"                                
                                                             ~Hermanna Stengard

From the book, The Swedish Mitten Book by Inger & Ingrid Gottfridsson      
This is just one of the many heart soaring reads I've found searching through these books.   While at work a couple weeks ago, I wonderful lady came in the yarn shop while I was busy answering customers questions.  She dropped off a heavy medium sized box on the counter and she left.  I glanced her way questionably and yelled "Thank you".  Not knowing what I was thanking her for.
 Books!  knitting books!  It was like Christmas,  Knitting Without Tears, Zimmermann 1971, Latyian Mittens Lizabeth Upitis, 1981, Knitting in the Nordic Tradition, Vibeke Lind, (english translation, Annette Allen Jensen), 1984, Norwegian, Cornish guernseys, British Isles sweaters, the list goes on and on.

This is a serious collection of hardcore tradition (except the Knitted Animals) which helps lighten it up.  It is overwhelming when I look at them all at once, but when I grab one at a time it's a joy. 
This'll keep me busy for years.
                     OH! and happy summer!

11 June 2014

Starmore Sweater ~ A post from Kelli

                           If you where asked to take, finish
                 and keep an Alice Starmore sweater, would you?

  I had a long conversation with  Carol Thompson a local gal who lives in my town.  She was done with the project.  She'd finished 75% of the sweater, with great tension and lovely stitches, and wanted it to go to a good home, she wondered if I knew of anybody who would finish and enjoy this Celtic Fair isle, in my size.  With the book, yarns and even the Addi Turbo US#3,36" circular needles, bought in 1996, (for only $8.95! from Weaving Works in Seattle).  She'd steeked the arms and neck, but didn't know what that was, I explained to her what that was.   Her hands have arthritis, I could tell it was bittersweet to hand it over.  I offered to 'someday' finish it for her.  She wanted no part in the return of the sweater. 

It will be a bit of an undertaking for me. I've never picked up, where someone has left off,  I do love it, and am excited to work on it soon, (it needs to get in line).  I will be asking advice from my coworkers.  That steeking thing still makes me nervous.   I should tell you also there are a couple hundred 'ends' to weave in... :/   Oh to have an Alice Starmore sweater~

I did know somebody who'll give her Alba sweater a good home.  I asked for a hug before she left and thanked her. 

You just never know where this 'knitting thing' will take you.

05 June 2014

If I'm Sitting I'm Knitting ~guest blogger Andee

Today I am wearing my T-Shirt that says "If I'm Sitting I'm Knitting". Unfortunately I am not knitting, but working. I decided to take a quick brake and make a post. Melissa told me it was okay :)  I released two new patterns yesterday.
I used Fable Fibers Novel yarn in the colorway Amelie. I am in love with this yarn. I had planned on releasing these patterns in the Fall. But I couldn't resist releasing it now.

The pattern knits up like a top down shawl, but it is worked in the round. I wanted to design a mindless project that would be a good travel knit. I also wanted something that would be good for unique one of a kind skeins of yarn. Whether it is hand-painted, hand-spun or just a pretty skein of yarn I wanted a pattern that could show off the colors. 

I also wanted a pattern that would work for my parents, Arrow Acres Farm, alpaca yarn. We get our yarn back from small fiber mills and the thickness vary from year to year. I wanted a pattern that would be flexible and work with any weight of yarn. Below is a version of it with my parents farm blend yarn. It is a combination of three of their alpacas.

The second pattern I released is "Standing Stones".
To be honest I have been wearing this just about everyday since April! It is the perfect thing to wear over my shoulders and knit, drink my coffee, go out to dinner.... It is just a simple and very functional accessory.
This pattern has a chart and the directions are also written out. I would say the skill level would be an advanced beginner.

I am busy working on a Fingering weight version of the Standing Stones pattern. I just want to double check the yardage. Then I'll be back on my Spire.
I have turned two corners on my Spire and I keep putting it on and showing it off around the house :) It is still pretty bunched up on the needles though so it is really hard to photograph. As soon as I'm done with my next sample I'm back to working on it. I'm hoping to have it done before our next camping trip in a few weeks!
Have a great day and happy knitting!!!
I also have to give a shout out to my sister Leanne for the amazing graphic design work she did putting my patterns together.  If you ever need any graphic design work I highly recommend using her!!!