30 December 2012

circle of friendship ~ posted by Melissa

“Happiness, not in another place but this place...not for another hour, but this hour.”
~ Walt Whitman
Isager Strik Spinni Wool 1 in 'dark natural gray'

I'm so looking forward to this year's knitalong.  2012 was spent hunkered down in solitude knitting big secrets that couldn't be shared but 2013 will be a year for reconnecting with friends.  I tried to find a good 'Leaves of Grass' quote that was fitting but when I found the one above I loved it so I stopped looking (I'm not sure what it's from?).  Good old Walt Whitman ~ I'll have to add him to my reading list for 2013.  He always brings one of my favorite movies to mind, 'Dead Poets Society', and the scene where Robin William's students stand on their desks and quote lines from 'O Captain! My Captain!' as he gathers his belongings after being fired.  Such a good movie.

I'm excited to have WillyG join us this year and oddly enough, I have completely forgotten who else said that they were going to knit with us this time around.  I know that Kelli, Jeff and Will are casting on, and I think Morgen has also said she'll be joining us.  Other than that, I guess I'll be pleasantly surprised if someone I've forgotten pops on with a post! (here's a link to an updated list of all our knitters!)

There's still time to participate ~ pm me on Ravelry if you'd like to knitalong.  We cast on January 1st but even if you decide at a later date to play along, for the most part we're slow knitters and there's no rush to get added to the blog for posting rights.

Be safe tomorrow as you ring in the New Year and hopefully we all wake up with clear minds and rested fingers as we cast on 'Leaves of Grass'.

Enjoy the waning hours of 2012 and see you all next year!   ~ Melissa


  1. Ooh! I like that idea of reading Walt Whitman's Leaves Of Grass! I'll see if I can beat you to a good quote or two!

    I think I may do a bit of winding and swatching tonight.... Happy New Year!

    1. I like your idea! We could have a knitalong/readalong ~ just need to get my hands on a copy...sounds like there's a trip to the used bookstore in my future!

      happy new year to you two also!

  2. melissa your grey is stunning and will make a beautiful shawl! your big secret was really incredible, how hard was it not to tell? congratulations on the book, what a thrill! i can't wait to see your pattern.

  3. I need to see if I can get the hang of the cast on, and then I think Lori has me talked into cast on too....it wasn't hard. So yes, I'm in!

  4. I would love to join your knit along. Can I???? I order yarn today.

    1. of course you may :)

      pm me on Ravelry & we'll get you started!