21 February 2014

So Far, but still So Far to go~ a post from Kelli

Hello All,
Sorry we haven't been around, that thing called life can be such a time consumer... I've been busy slowly knitting on my Spire, much slower then ever.  No particular reason.  As  Jared Flood was not at a local knitting convention this year maybe I just wasn't as motivated?   He is planning to be at our local Vogue knitting show, so I'm hoping to have Spire ready for that.  Ideally Leila will be with him, like last year...

My computer that I normally use is not letting me blog, so I'm struggling right now on my Samsung tablet trying to post, but I can't figure out how to post a photo...lame I know.  So hang in there, I'll keep trying.

Keep checking in, hope to be back to normal soon.