27 June 2015

true blue friends - posted by Melissa

Look who we got to spend the day with yesterday??!
Meet Will & Jeff!
It's strange to finally meet people you've know online for years, although that feeling doesn't linger long.  It's hard to stay feeling like strangers for very long with people that know so much about you...especially nice folk like these two!  Here all the way from Pennsylvania!  Lucky us : )
It was the best day - the weather was amazing, much good food was eaten throughout the day, visits were made to Churchmouse and The Artful Ewe.
We were incredibly lucky to be able to celebrate such a huge step in gay equality with them as well.  There was much horn honking in our travels as we passed people carrying banners and signs in celebration.
I was lax taking photos - I haven't been as attached to my camera lately and have been enjoying moments more in front of the lens rather than behind it.  Will, on the other hand, took tons of photos and as soon as he gets a blog post up, I will link you guys so you can see more of our day.
This was a good way to come back to blogging!!  I'm inspired to pick up some of my languishing projects and maybe finish a thing or two as well.
So there you go - the first of many exciting posts in the upcoming days.  This was definitely a good one, don't you think!?
Happy Weekend - Melissa
(I almost forgot - Jeff hand spun and then wove a scarf from hand dyed fiber...just for me!  It's amazing and I did NOT get a picture of it but I will - I can't wait to show you!!!  I am lucky!)

25 June 2015

who's that girl ???? .... posted by MEL !

Hello!  Long time no chat...it feels like months (and it probably has been...sorry!).  Not much on the knitting front to share but I've been busy busy busy - my short hair is growing out, I have new glasses and my first iPhone, thousands of pages of books have been read, hundreds of miles have been walked...busy busy!  Life is good right now and there has not been much sitting still, so no crafting news to be had.
BUT...stay tuned!  There is much (MUCH!!) good stuff coming up in the next few days and weeks that I can't wait to share...Kelli as well!  Hopefully I haven't lost you all in my absence...you'll be missing out on some fun adventures if you're not here any longer!!
heheheh : )
(did you miss me???!!! hehe!)
I've missed you all!

04 June 2015

Featured Artist a Kelli post

Had a fabulous time being featured as the June artist, for the art walk in downtown Mt. Vernon Wa. tonight. Knitting along with photos on canvas~ 
What a night!  Continuing through June.