26 September 2010

Coming soon....

...hopefully in 2011 ~ here's a teaser of our test knits for Coralie Meslin ~ can't wait to see what becomes of them!

21 September 2010

Another Knitting Designer

Here we are with Coralie Meslin.
This picture looks like we're in high school working on a yearbook or something. We're all 30+.
We're actually knitting away, getting to know our new 'designer friend' Coralie.
Check her patterns out on Ravelry~ How fortunate are we to sit and visit while Coralie sits and creates new summer time sweaters.
She even brought us prize winning chocolate chip cookies. Does it get better then that?

Here We Are...Melissa, Sivia and I

Learning new skills and tips from a wonderful teacher.

Sivia Harding kept my full attention from 10:00 till 5:00!

Thanks to Sarah Parker owner of Wild Fibers for bringing her to this area.

Can't wait to finish the Ophidian shawl.

19 September 2010


Kelli & I took a class from Sivia Harding yesterday at WildFibers in Mt Vernon ~ it was wonderful and she's amazing ~ she shared lots of little tips and tricks as we learned to knit her pattern 'Ophidian'. She also brought lots of FO's for us to drool over and feel and try on ~ she's an amazing designer. It was an all day class that seemed over in a flash....take a class from her if you ever get the chance!

Kelli got a picture of the 3 of us together that I haven't seen ~ I hope she shares it! Here are some pics of my Ophidian in progress ~

15 September 2010

My Favorite Pen Pal

look what was on my doorstep when I got home from work tonight....

my best Ravelry buddy Swanski sent me the most awesome 'just because' care package! if you're not drooling already, click on the photo for a better view!

her favorite teas (just what I need to combat the dreary NW weather), handmade soap from her vacation at Cape May in New Jersey, a pen from her local LYS ~ Swisher's Yarn Basket in Danville, Pennsylvania, homemade stitch markers that her sister Canoekey made (thanks, sister!), the cutest felted acorn and 2 HANKS of Nantucket Heather in Merlot from the Times Remembered booth at the Pennsylvania Endless Fiber Festival last weekend (LOVE ALL OF IT!!!), and a sweet beaded knitted pouch that she made herself (which I also LOVE!)

you topped what I sent you by a MILE, Karen!!!! I love that you put so much thought into everything ~ totally made my night! It's nice to have such awesome pals ;)

....now to plot and plan what special thing to make for myself with the 380 yards of wine colored bliss!

13 September 2010

Alpaca Babes

3 alpaca farms on the Whidbey Island Farm Tour & all with babies less than a week old

12 September 2010

Whidbey Island Farm Tour

Me and my friends...what a fun day! Who knew I'd make a 'new' friend.

OneKnitWit's New BFF

A New Interest?

Started some counted cross stitch,but the pattern I choose is all about knitting! Thanks to TwoKnitWit.
Hopefully I'll post more as I go. The letters "ue" is the center, and is part of the word "blue".
Another project added to the pile.

A Summer Night

Leaving Roche Harbor, Washington. We slowly boated by till the summer sun set.

KnitWit Berry Days

I remember the first batch cooking in the pan, the smell brought my memory file "blackberry pie" to mind and it was wonderful.

We'll be eating summer berries this winter.

I havn't mastered making jam without injury yet, but there's always next year!

08 September 2010


these days the word has a whole new meaning but I still like the old fashioned definition ~ plump, juicy and oh, so yummy ;)

78 cups of berries later (all FREE!) we had 9 batches of warm blackberry jam ~ no trip to the clinic today but quite a few mishaps that didn't require a doctor's attention ~ steam burns, lots of spatters, exploding jars and a little bit of chaos mixed in proved for a great time ~ started the day with a needlepoint class and then got down to business ~ here's a few shots of us in action (taken by oneknitwit's hubby who came home just in time for an impromptu photo shoot!) ~ I think Kelli may have a better pic on her camera but these were the best that I had (isn't Kelli's kitchen cute?!)

02 September 2010

Happiest Birthday!

What a special day for twoknitwit,another year gone,and oh the many new skills she has gained. What will this coming year hold? Can't wait to see.

You are a great friend, and I count myself blessed to be apart of your life.