30 July 2015

Meeting Mr. Eisaku Noro of Noro Yarns by Kelli

What a charming, talented man,Mr. Noro! Saw him throw out the first pitch at the Mariners baseball game Tuesday night, and by amazing chance he came to talk where I work!!!  One of the only 2 places he visited. 
His first visit to USA. Speaks very little English, brought an interpreter to help answer questions about his love of color and fiber!  Did you know he tells a story with all his color ways?
Here I am, maybe a little to close, but wanting to get my Noro vest in the shot ~  Such a high-fiber life I lead!  

29 July 2015

Look who I found~ from Kelli

 The 11th Annual Stitch n Pitch. Had such a great time!  Even tho the Mariners lost... got to catch up with Steph!!!  Knitted the evening away at the ballpark with friends.  Thanks Andrea, Chris, and Elaine. 

26 July 2015

All My Toys Nicely Put Away ~ from Kelli

If you are fortunate to come across DMC thread boxes, take advantage
of the storage capabilities for knitting supplies!
For my circulars that aren't nicely packed in there assigned
numbered spots in the Knit Pick cases(sss)...oh my, I have more then I thought!
(BTW thanks Melissa for helping with that.)
They are now separated in drawers.
The double points (love love love those) still need a needle
gauge tool, organizing those in more detail, for another day.

Those tools that you really need but once-in-a-while,are now in a good home.

So far it's working well, as long as I remember to put them back.

18 July 2015

Quilt and Textile Museum ~ Me too...

Feel so privileged to be apart. Such creative, talented, and inspiring group. More importantly then that some I call friend!

How blessed I am. 

This is my Streusel, one of our kal from last summer!  And a photograph I took. 
Hazel Knits, Braeburn color, mmmmm!

Happy summer!

13 July 2015

All Aboard! ~ post from Kelli

~Built in 1913~

It sits as a tourist attraction in my new town in Sedro-Woolley WA
The town is known for it's logging and rodeos, Cedro, meaning Cedar.  Woolley for
a founding family.  ( I'll refer Woolley  as meaning wool!) I got out yesterday, it was a perfect overcast
 day for photography.  Until it started raining, which we Washingtonians
desperately need!

What is it about an old train?  That makes it so entrancing ?

I'm knitting away on a sweater called Two Harbors Poncho, by Sarah Smuland... Ok. it's a poncho~
It's by  Blue Sky and uses their alpaca/merino, EXTRA.
It's worth checking out!  I'm enjoying the knit.  I'm able to concentrate a little
better everyday.  These moves take a lot out of a knitter!
I've been contacted by Plucky and hoping to be sent the yarn today
to start a couple fall pieces!!!

Now you're caught up
take care ~


06 July 2015

From the other side of things - by Will !!!

Whew! Vacation can take a bit of recovering! Here are a few more photos from our visit with Mel and Kelli, though I think Mel summed it up quite beautifully. The day was a bit surreal, and a wonderful way to end our vacation in the Pacific Northwest.

 We started our day by taking the ferry. This was a thrilling moment, for we had just received word of the SCOTUS decision legalizing gay marriage across the entire nation. I decided then and there that my goal at Churchmouse would be to find something celebratory and perhaps a bit out of my usual color palette.

By the way, for those who were wondering, green is well within my usual color palette.

We took the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island ... 

I had been waiting for years to get here! At last! 

The joyous occasion was made all the better by meeting dear knittterly friends in person for the first time. How cool is that???

Some people are camera-shy, so we had to be creative in our approach. Thanks to Mel for scheming up a way to get the mister in the shot. Mission accomplished!

I found something that fit the bill for "rainbow," and we left to grab some lunch.

I told you green is in my color palette. And now, so is rainbow.

I had some salmon mac-n-cheese that was uh-maz-ing. (Thanks for the recommendation, Kelli!)

 This was the other part of the trip that I had been anticipating for years...pie from the Blackbird Bakery. Thanks to everyone for humoring me :)  There was actually only one type offered, as it is not a dedicated pie shop. Apparently, pie is a thing in the Pacific Northwest. This was pie experience number four on our trip, and the only one that wasn't a self-declared pie shop. I was more than willing to make the exception.

Now that I had checked off my bucket list items (and then some), I was able to relax a bit and enjoy the rest of the day together, snapping pictures to take the day home with me.

We drove off the Island until we reached Port Gamble, home of The Artful Ewe. We relaxed and soaked in the beautiful weather. I was only slightly disappointed that we weren't getting the dreary clouds and rain that I had expected. Actually, it was as if Mount Rainier came out to join the festivities.

Eventually, the afternoon wound to a close and we ferried back to the mainland. The ride afforded several luxuries, including a lovely wall map to help me narrate our journey!

It also lent some beautiful views of the mountains.

Now that I am back, I've been sifting through hundreds of photos and knitting up a sort of tube scarf. I love how it's turning out, and the memories it carries with it. I hope we can do it again someday!

04 July 2015

Happy 4th with a little homemade Iced Coffee - posted by Kelli

Summer greetings everyone ~ my husband and 17 yr old (almost 18)! Have up and moved these last few weeks. It's the hottest summer/year on record! Fortunately our new home has AC! We bought a darling little bungalow a bit northeast of where we use to live. Closer to work for me and school for my daughter.
I've been seriously nesting far more then knitting!
I'm planning on getting to the "lace show" in LaConner one day soon.
Anyways Happy Fourth!!!
This Iced Coffee recipe is from The Pioneer Women, Ree Drummand. I highly recommend checking her recipes, especially this one.
Stay cool and knit on !

01 July 2015

and in other news.... posted by Melissa

Hello!  So this is my other big news....Kelli and I were asked to participate in this exhibit which opened today at the La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum .  What an honor!  The 'Artist Reception' was tonight although neither of us attended.  Kelli had to work and I went up early to take photos (which are NOT allowed but I was given permission to take some of just my pieces, so here they are!).  The museum is housed in the historic Gaches Mansion (which you can read about on the museum's site that I linked above).  It's a breathtaking place and I'm so proud to have some of my very favorite and treasured items on display there for the next month.
If you get a chance, make your way north.  The drive through Skagit Valley during the summer is fertile and green and abundance is everywhere.  Farm stands at almost every turn - much bounty and local produce to be had for all tastes and appetites.  The museum is cheap (I think $7) and there are a few other exhibits there that rival our cherished knitting.
Thanks for letting me share...and brag just a little.  Who would have thought...a museum show?!?  Oh. My.
Heheheh : )

[the pictures aren't stellar - the lighting was dim and the walls were dark so this was the best I could do, darn it !!]