21 August 2015

Starting Pumpkin Hats!? a post from Kelli

The Autumn season is coming~  my Cinderella pumk'in patch is doing well.  I'll post that later! 
But this time of year I have fun knitting the little treasures. 

This one I'm making for my daughters good friend's new baby boy... 

Not trying to rush summer away! Just so you know. 

It's a great free Pumpkin Hat pattern by Sarah Hood, on Ravelry in all sizes!  

The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn. 
I used dk and a size US5 and US6, because I'm knitting it for a newborn. 

 I would recommend decreasing the crown of the hat different. But the leaves do help hide the chopped up looking decrease. 

It is stink'in cute!!!

13 August 2015

It's The Fair Time!!! A post from Kelli

Streusel, a red 2nd place ribbon and a fancy red and white Best in Class Reserve ribbon. ~

Both lovelies are designed by Bonnie Sennott!  

 I have talented friends who placed even better and I'm so excited for them! Maybe Andrea will post her winning pieces?!

Peppernut here!!!
Took a red 2nd place ribbon ~

Encouraging all to either enter and/or  visit your local County or State Fair and check out the needle works !

07 August 2015

WHO'S IN ? ~From Kelli

Got my 2015~16 Seahawk Reverb Scarf !
Rowan Fine Tweed skeins are perfect with this free on Ravely, Reverb Scarf pattern.
Each section takes one skein. 5 colors and you too can join in the fun~
why not ?!!!

30 July 2015

Meeting Mr. Eisaku Noro of Noro Yarns by Kelli

What a charming, talented man,Mr. Noro! Saw him throw out the first pitch at the Mariners baseball game Tuesday night, and by amazing chance he came to talk where I work!!!  One of the only 2 places he visited. 
His first visit to USA. Speaks very little English, brought an interpreter to help answer questions about his love of color and fiber!  Did you know he tells a story with all his color ways?
Here I am, maybe a little to close, but wanting to get my Noro vest in the shot ~  Such a high-fiber life I lead!  

29 July 2015

Look who I found~ from Kelli

 The 11th Annual Stitch n Pitch. Had such a great time!  Even tho the Mariners lost... got to catch up with Steph!!!  Knitted the evening away at the ballpark with friends.  Thanks Andrea, Chris, and Elaine. 

26 July 2015

All My Toys Nicely Put Away ~ from Kelli

If you are fortunate to come across DMC thread boxes, take advantage
of the storage capabilities for knitting supplies!
For my circulars that aren't nicely packed in there assigned
numbered spots in the Knit Pick cases(sss)...oh my, I have more then I thought!
(BTW thanks Melissa for helping with that.)
They are now separated in drawers.
The double points (love love love those) still need a needle
gauge tool, organizing those in more detail, for another day.

Those tools that you really need but once-in-a-while,are now in a good home.

So far it's working well, as long as I remember to put them back.

18 July 2015

Quilt and Textile Museum ~ Me too...

Feel so privileged to be apart. Such creative, talented, and inspiring group. More importantly then that some I call friend!

How blessed I am. 

This is my Streusel, one of our kal from last summer!  And a photograph I took. 
Hazel Knits, Braeburn color, mmmmm!

Happy summer!