24 June 2016

Summer Knitting & A Cat Nap? From Kelli

I'm happily knitting Twiced Reversible Ribbed Poncho from Churchmouse, with Berroco Ultra Alpaca.

Happy summer, two summer musts...knitting and napping, from Rowan and I ~

16 June 2016

TNNA 2016 ~ from recouping Kelli

Oh what joy to be exhausted from The National Needle Association!  This year it was held in our nations capital Washington DC!  My boss and I enjoyed many new products and yarns!  Have you heard of the "Meow Collection" by Ancient Arts? Yep, yarns reflecting cat fur colors!  Made us look twice. 
CoopKnits had a darling postcard with a cut out-able paper doll with only knitted socks to change out not dresses. I did get two postcards, one for Melissa. 

That's my boss Sarah Parker owner of WildFibers and I.
Ummm yeah tough job~

02 June 2016

Might Have Missed This ~from Kelli

Took this photo for the BRRH (basic reversible ribbed hat) by WillyG, that I knit aways back. And damn glad I did! I captured my two favorite boys playing ball. I can't tell you who loved who more! 
Our beautiful golden retriever passed away Tuesday. His name was Jackson. 
If you've ever loved a pet you understand the void they leave, because  the love they instinctively give unconditionally! 

Oh to know to love like that ~

30 May 2016

I Love My Country ~ by Kelli

Have you seen or knitted Solaris?  By Melanie Berg. A great knit. I'm working with Tosh Merino Light. In USA stripes. Feeling very patriotic.  Heading to TNNA (The National Needle Association) next Tuesday in Washington D.C. 
 I am a proud American and grateful for the brave men and women to died to keep us free. Bless all who've served and who serve!!!

24 May 2016

A Little Love ~ Sweet Maddyson ~ from Kelli

This is Maddyson, she is modeling her newest hand knit sweater Hazelberry with a trim of picot cast-on. She's 2 months old and has plenty of time to wear ( or fit in) her sweater. 
I knit this a while back in fingering weight yarn, with one pink button. Garter and stockinet. Yoke down seamless cutie!

13 May 2016

Knitters Pin Cushion ~ from Kelli

Looks a wee bit spidery and many people won't understand the use of these pins. 
I recently found this 1950's treasure while thrift storing locally. No pins were in it. The bottom holds threads. I made it into my blocking pin cushion. I realized I'd never seen a pin cushion like it, storing just some of my blocking pins. 
Block away!

06 May 2016

A Favorite! ~from Kelli

From my youngest daughter, years ago, for Mothers Day...and it stuck!

"( I love you tell (till) the yarn runs out! that's never)"

We continue to say that saying now and again. "Love ya till the yarn runs out~" and they know it's never. Hmm?  why do you think they'd think that?

Do my kids "get me" or what!!!

Happy Mothers Day ~