22 December 2014

knitalong, anyone? ~ Melissa

I've completely dropped the ball on the upcoming anniversary of our annual New Year's knitalong here at Girls in Sheep Clothing.  I haven't had a chance to even touch bases with Kelli about whether anyone would like to knit with us this time around...it will be our seventh annual event if anyone is interested?  I've had a few people drop hints that they might like to play but I'm not sure I'm reading you folks right.  So....
I'm going to just go gangbusters here and throw out a few ideas ~ jump into the comments if you're interested in joining and if any of these designs appeal to you (maybe list your top 2).  I'll give everyone's comments some thought over the next week and hopefully by Sunday we'll have come to some common goal and I'll let everyone know what's been decided so there's still some time to get supplies together before we start.
Tradition had me scouring Brooklyn Tweed patterns for ideas and here is what I've come up with ~ I tried to find a good mix of designs :

1 - Stonecrop (a rectangular lace shawl)

2 - Tilt (a square lace shawl)

3 - Girasole (a circular lace shawl)

4 - Ashby (a textured triangular shawl)

5 - Ludlow (a rectangular textured shawl)

(all copyrighted photos by Jared Flood used with permission from Brooklyn Tweed ~ please do not reproduce without their permission!)

Here's the skinny cut and pasted from last year if you're new to the blog and curious about what we're up to:
"Our official cast on date is January 1st so you have plenty of time to gather your materials (and probably change your mind about your yarn choice at least a dozen times).  As usual, our knitalongs are stress free ~ no deadlines (we still have one person finishing up last year's kal...that would be me!) & blogging along is encouraged but not required.  If you'd like to join us, leave a comment below ~ if you've knitted with us before, you know the routine.  If this will be your first time, there's a tutorial on how to be a guest blogger (thanks again, Kelly!) once I've sent you your official invitation to participate."
Okay ~ jump in and let's chat!

21 December 2014

conundrum ~ Melissa

Earl Thomas...my favorite player

How is it that the shortest day of the year can also feel like the longest?
Still an hour and a half til kickoff...
Big big game tonight

17 December 2014

we go together... ~ Melissa

...like rama lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong...

I just sent Kelli a note and thought it sounded impressive enough to share with you guys :

'Today's Trivia'

we just passed our 8 year knitting anniversary (wahoo for us!)

you - 352 projects / 122,000 yards of yarn (yes, that’s YARDS!!)

me - less projects than you at 294 / but more yarn than you at 132,000 yards

my. oh. my.

that’s a total of 646 projects & 254,000 yards of fiber…

now THAT is a lot of knitting

(I wonder how many yarn shops we could stock if we frogged everything that we ever made…hehe!)

I just realized that's a quarter of a million yards of yarn...eep!!

...don't you just love all the little extra tallying Ravelry does for us as we knit our lives away? ...

here's to another eight my friend :)

~ Melissa

29 November 2014

first snow ~ Melissa

baby it's cold outside!
Hoping everyone had a Thanksgiving they are thankful for.  I did.  Our holiday was spread out over Thursday and Friday.  It was good to spend time with both families and catch up with friends we haven't seen for far too long.  The snow came last night and it's cold enough it appears it's here to stay for a few days.  We've turned the page towards our year end celebrations and the house is a flurry of activity as the fall decorations get tucked away until next year and the Christmas loves slowly start appearing.
I'm looking forward to Christmas this year.  Last year was tough.  This year I'm soaking every bit of joy in through all my pores.
Are you all ready for December?
I am!

23 November 2014

woolly babes ~ Melissa

Neoma Jane's little sister will be here anyday and I finished gifts in the nick of time.  Just need to wrap everything tonight and tomorrow they go over the mountains (and through the woods...hehe) to mama.  I blogged about the purple blanket here and the sweater here.  The pink blanket just finished drying this morning from it's blocking bath ( my ravelry notes can be found here ) :

There's nothing quite as blissful as knitting things for little ones and I feel so lucky to have two goddaughters to make things for.  And three lovely nieces who appreciate hand knit things as well.  Last year I made them all mittens for Christmas and you could tell they really loved them.
I finally made myself a matching pair (I've been busy!) :

 They're Olla Mittens (free on knitty.com) or you can follow the link in my ravelry notes here.  I really love this pattern and the embroidery is super easy since Anna has you knit landmarks for the stitching as well as giving a really great diagram in the pattern (much like a kids 'dot to dot' puzzle ~ just follow the numbers).  Every girl should have a pair of these.
Go ahead, make yourself some.  You'll love them!
Happy Sunday, everybody!

22 November 2014

The Right Place At the Right Time! ~ a post from Kelli

Being that it's my Birthday Season~
My husband and daughter knew I'd love to go to Chruchmouse
for the day.  Not knowing a huge surprise awaited!
The Plucky dyers themselves Sarah and Hayley (sisters) were there!!!
Meet my new highly talented, super nice friends. 
All the way from there dying barn in Michigan! 
If you can score some...gotta try the Plucky Knitter Yarns!

and of coarse you know I offered to test-knit ;)
Thanks ladies!!!