17 April 2014

Biarritz, France & Pamplona, Spain...post by Kelli

Our group,(except the first kid, Anthony) Avery, Bella (my kid), Taylor, Pearl and Joe.  Sitting on the bulkhead looking over the Atlantic Ocean.  It's about 65 degrees that day, the locals wore heavy winter coats, and looked at us strangely.

At first glance I thought this big guy was carrying a big accordion, but still a very cool (big) trunk~

Locals fishing, no big coat here...hmm?

Water comes in~
Water goes out~

Pamplona, Spain, where 'the running of the bulls' happen. Where we met our guide Francisco,  who's participated in the 'running' since he was 17 yrs. old.  The street here is where between July 7th-14th the bulls take about 3 minutes to run through.  Anybody can partake...not me!
...what do you think is in that fabric cover clay pot?

When we stayed in Biarritz, France our hotel was on Victor Hugo Route, I haven't found out if Victor spent time there.

14 April 2014

walkabout...a three hour tour ~ posted by Melissa

'Always go too far, because that's where you'll find the truth.'
~ Camus
Took my first walk of the year...got lost in my thoughts and lost track of time.  It was a good day.

12 April 2014

Sarlat, France For Melissa...from Kelli

  Sarlat, France is my favorite town I visited.  I was bewitched by it's charm.  It is a fairytale town.  I was up walking around on a Sunday morning around 6:00 am.

Found a yarn shop, how cute is this little coat, I so would've loved this pattern... but nobody was opened,  I tried the door...it was locked.  I would have never taken anything without paying, I'd have left the money on the counter...but alas not meant to be.

 Yarn shop right next to the 'pub'  here we go~

We came late to Sarlat after the castle, the day before, we slept in a local hotel about 20 minutes out of town, a nice walk to and from town, we sorely left shortly after these pictures.

I enjoyed these small towns much more then the big ones.  I wouldn't say the same for the teenagers, there was very little to do at night in these small towns, but the big cities, Barcelona and Madrid never sleep~

pink cheer for a friend...posted by Melissa

there's more to come, Mimi, but for now...
these are just for you :)
(it's not Paris but darn it all, I think I'm just as lucky to be home!)

the last of the Japanese Magnolia blooms ~ thanks for setting me straight, 'the other Mel'!

the beginning of rhododendron season

and the best of all...apple blossoms in profuse glory...pink enough for you, Mimi?