01 March 2015

My Local Yarn Shop & Job Are Closing ~ a post by Kelli

I packed up my samples, and took them home.

It will be a sad week.
 The end of Ana Cross Stitch as it will close as of March 9th.
I will miss so many things about my my part-time work there.
I have worked with great women and had wonderful experiences.
The unknown is coming again.
It's starting to sink in, but I won't be ready to turn in my shop key.
A simple reminder to be grateful for your job.
Time will tell where I go next.

19 February 2015

celebrate ~ Melissa

Happy Lunar New Year 2015

(I swiped this from Google ~ isn't it cute??)

15 February 2015

Goalsetting - guest blogger Steph

I have been working on my Ashby the past few days and have started to get some traction. It is really nice to see some progress on the piece, I think I might finish the  border edging this weekend. While I know I should focus on finishing the thing in its entirety, I have to be honest all I want to do at the point is to finish the edging. I am just ready for a break from traveling cables. It has been fun, it has been a challenge and I have gotten to use a new skill I have picked up along the way (cabling without a needle).

So that's all for now. As soon as this goal is reached I will set a new one for myself and post pictures of the progress that has been made.

14 February 2015

Valentine's Day Redux ~ By guest blogger Kelly Lightbeam

Happy Valentine's to Melissa and Kelli, and all the guest bloggers as well.  Hope you're enjoying yourselves on this delightful Saturday!

Much love,
Kelly Lightbeam

12 February 2015

I forgot to..... ~guest blogger Andee

BTW I never posted a picture of my finished Spire.... from the last or last before that KAL. Anyway I am wearing it to work today and I took a very cruddy picture of it with my cell phone.

Don't mind the mess in the back ground. My kids are home from school this week..... which equals messes and messes and messes that just don't go away.

As you can see I made arm holes in the Spire so I can wear it as a vest. I get a lot of use out of it this way!

10 February 2015

Ludlow Progress ~ Guest Blogger Sue

I am starting the second repeat of my Ludlow.  This has been a slower knit than I had anticipated. I breeze along until I get to the Moss stitch section, which slows me down considerably! I have 8 skeins of Loft, and hope to have enough to finish. Really loving the pattern and stitch definition I am getting with the Loft.

I am finding a row counter to be especially helpful with this pattern. Also, I love the charts for the Diamond sections. I use a long Post-It note that I have taped together, and move it up a row at a time. I am then able to quickly glance at the chart, making sure I stay on the correct row! 

Have really enjoyed seeing everyone's projects so far! Happy Knitting, and stay warm!