22 November 2013

it's done it's done it's done ~ posted by Melissa

the past few months...chaotic

to-do lists...not getting done
not enough stolen moments to take time to pause, breath deeply and smile
til now...
this makes me smile
I finally finished f o l k • a r t !!!
it's big and warm and a blanket built for two :)
it could have been larger (note to self : invest in one more box of blocking mats)
but as it is it measures 63 x 63"
perfect for cuddling with a loved one :)
I think I may be addicted to the knitted on edge
they go more quickly & are more enjoyable each time I work one
and brrrr....
it's finished just in time for some icy cold evenings & snuggling ~ hehe
is it okay that I love Jared Flood as well as my husband?
have a great weekend everybody :)
~ Melissa

whoops!  I forgot to post links (thanks, Calvin!) ~ here they are if you want them:

Quill - Jared Flood - link to his website pattern page

link to my pattern page on Ravelry with all my notes and yardage requirements

16 November 2013

Now I've officially finished my LOG - by guest blogger WillyG

Okay, here it is, off the blocking mats. (I'm trying hard not to be obnoxiously excited.)

Mel asked how this ranks among the things I've knit, and I think it's right up there at the top. It's certainly the most stunning thing I've managed to work up, thanks to the sheer size and a fortuitous combination of Jared's lovely pattern and Chris's excellent dyework. The yarn is Celebration by Briar Rose Fibers, and the 40% bamboo gives a sheen that makes the shawl light up when held at different angles. 

Photographing this was really fun for two reasons: taking pictures of newly blocked lace is always fun - playing with the angles and admiring the different sections - but there was the added "fun factor" of having two walls near my back door that worked like Velcro. I just slapped the blanket on the wall, tried to arrange it fairly neatly, and it just stuck there. First I tried this weathered shed, then a stucco wall, and both held this particular yarn with ease.

Against the stucco

Hanging on the shed

I love how the handdyed colors ripple like water on a lake
As you can probably see, I played with some of the photos to highlight different aspects of the lace that are hard to capture with a less-than-ideal camera. I know it's not purist, but I'm a bit addicted. The two photos immediately above are pretty close to the real thing, even though they are different; the appearance transforms when viewed from different angles. This shawl/blanket really catches light! I'm grateful that Jeff helped me decide on this yarn.

Thank you for your encouragement along the way, as well as your generous patience! This KAL thing is fun, since everyone can appreciate what went into it. Like many of you said, the border was a long one, but it really moves if you buckle down and concentrate on it. Thanks for motivating me to knit this from start to finish! I couldn't ask for lovelier companions along the journey!

14 November 2013

if you can't knit the one you love, love the one you knit... by guest blogger Melissa B.

Have you ever found yourself in the position of suddenly needing to knit three baby sweaters very, very quickly? Do you know how hard that is for a monogamous knitter to pull off when she's over halfway through a lace project this big?

It's hard, people. I have made my first foray into non-monogamous knitting, and it...well, it went well in the sense that I did in fact manage to dye yarn for and knit three little newborn Vertebrae cardigans in a VERY short amount of time, but not well in the sense that my poor Rachel's Shawl project just got set to one side the entire time.  I am obviously not cut out for this multiple knitting project thing.

in progress.

But now they're all done (the last one is still drying) and they turned out REALLY cute...and I'm back to finishing up this beautiful baby.  I've got 19 repeats and I'm probably going to stop at 21 instead of continuing on with the remaining yarn like I originally planned.  I think instead I'm going to use the rest of the yarn to do a little sweater swatching. And maybe make a doll with some crazy scarlet hair.

Does anyone else feel like 2013 has whizzed by at a ridiculous rate? Is anyone else as behind on their Christmas knitting as I am? (I have almost nothing done. In fact, you're looking at it. Oh, dear.)

Hope you all have a glorious weekend. :)

13 November 2013

Boo-yah! - by WillyG

Leaves Of Grass is blocking. After trying to dream up a contraption reminiscent of something you'd find in a tanner's workshop, Jeff convinced me to trust the wet fibers to do the work of smoothing out the fabric. He was right. I was just able to fit everything onto the exercise mats we use for blocking, so all is good, and I saved about twenty bucks or so.

I can't wait to get this thing photographed once it's dry, and hopefully with a better camera than my phone. For now, here's what I managed to snap; none of them are accurate colors, but the sheen of the yarn makes it even trickier to capture:

10 November 2013

Joining the ranks of the awesome - by WillyG

No visible proof yet, but I finished the knitting on my Leaves of Grass tonight! Woot!

Now I gotta figure out a way to block this beast…

Edit: visible proof and a gratuitous kitty shot with a bit of the shawl in the corner

Jeff is such a fantastic model, no?

How could I resist?

09 November 2013

with heartfelt thanks ~ posted by Melissa

thank you everyone that participated in the Rachel's Shawl fundraiser

we raised $500 in two months ~ I'm speechless
the retreat will continue and even better, I believe we've raised enough money that the Virginia Piper Institute may have enough funds for two retreats in 2014
thank you thank you thank you!!

02 November 2013

Beginning The Long Road To The Finish ~ guest blogger WillyG

I've finished Chart D on my Leaves Of Grass blanket!!!

Now it's on to that sprawling border!