23 September 2014

Celebrating Streusel ~ by guest blogger Julie

It's finished, it's finished! My Streusel is finished! Great pattern, wonderful yarn, and that amazing color! Here's the proof:

As an added bonus, you even get to see me wearing it! In addition to knitting along with all of you here, I was participating in the second annual Yarniacs podcast Colors of Fall Knitalong. The idea behind that KAL was to knit something in one of the colors from the Fall 2014 Pantone Fashion Color Report and then style a fall look incorporating the knitted piece. My Streusel is a dead ringer for the Pantone color Sangria, and I wore it with a green shirt (Pantone color Cypress), jeans and my hand knit Couplet socks (incorporating some elements of Pantone color Mauve Mist). Styling Streusel was a fun exercise, and Mr. D (my dear husband) took a pretty nice photo, too.

Thanks so much, Melissa and Kelli, for including me in the knit along. I look forward to joining in on another one sometime soon.

21 September 2014

busy as a bee ~ posted by Melissa

Jason found this dormant (thank goodness!) nest in our backyard last week.  It was as big as my head.  I'm allergic and have been doing yard work all summer and never noticed it being built.  How can that be?  I feel very lucky!!
I've been knitting quite a bit but haven't made time to post so today is the day.  I have two projects to share now, one more finished and another just about done that I'll share in a few days.

This is Sprinkles from Juju's Loops.  It was a breeze to knit and I have enough yarn left to make a pair of two tone socks for me.  I'm thinking a vanilla pair ~ green with purple heels and toes.  This is a gift for our second Goddaughter who will be arriving later this year.  I love making baby things!
I am joining Liesl at Buckaloo View in her monthly sock challenge (while I enjoy watching her raise chickens, experiment with dyeing yarn, and take on the huge task of returning her family property to a working farm).  These are my September socks!  I have my October socks cast on already so I'm feeling like a pair a month is a reasonable goal.  Plus it's always nice to have someone to knit with :).
That's it for Sunday blogging.  There are important goings-on today ~ in case you haven't heard there's a Superbowl rematch starting in an hour or so!  Hope everyone is enjoying the last weekend of summer.  I, for one, am looking forward to inviting Autumn in tomorrow! 

20 September 2014

SPIRE KAL - Final Photos - by guest blogger Andrea

Hi everybody,

I took advantage of the end of summer weather we're having here in western Washington.  What a glorious day and a perfect time to bring this KAL project to a close.  I say that with some sadness. This project is one of my most challenging and memorable to date.

The beach a few blocks from my house was a good place to start.  I actually used it as the backdrop for another project: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/aksaxton/eurybia.  I then went a few blocks down the street to my favorite hometown park, Causland Park.  Here I found the perfect spots to really show off this shawl.
Causland Memorial Park (710 N Avenue) was built in the 1920’s by Louis Lepage and is on the National Register of Historic Places. A portion of the park is dedicated to Anacortes veterans from World War I to the Vietnam War.

 So here are pictures of my Spire.  I enjoyed the project so very much and always love knitting along with Kelli and Melissa and their blog readers.  I wonder what the next KAL might be?

 I go by this park every day.  It's easy to just drive by with one's blinders on.  Today, while walking around and studying its beauty, I am again reminded what a gem we have in town.

Happy Knitting, everyone.  Let's do this again soon!

12 September 2014

Bonnie Sennott Again~ a post from Kelli

Peppernut  by Bonnie Sennott
Yarn :  Local Color Fiber Studio, fingering weight,
I choose 3 different dye lots in the same color way.
With a couple of modifications, I chose
to stockinet stitch the top and carry
through with the M1L/M1R into the second
section, down the middle.

A wonderful knit, quite a few nupps
to test the strength of your wooden needles.
Great 'check points' along the way to keep you honest.
Knitted during the Harvest Moon~

08 September 2014

anticipation ~ posted by Melissa

it's the eve of a new Brooklyn Tweed Look Book release
who besides me won't be able to sleep tonight?
if I do sleep, my dreams will be filled with visions of this Guernsey knit
I can't wait!!!!!

04 September 2014

our boys ~ posted by Melissa

it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...
GO HAWKS !!!!!!!!!