28 September 2015

It's Been Many Moons ... posted by Melissa

A quick post to say hello and I've missed you all.  Life's been hectic and we're collectively holding our breath with hopes that the two year health crisis is finally past us.  We should know soon.  Until then, I'm celebrating a gorgeous end to a busy summer, a welcoming hug to an autumn of reconnecting with friends and family, and the amazing, glorious harvest super blood moon eclipse we were privileged to witness yesterday evening.

Hope this finds you and yours happy, healthy and doing the things that bring smiles to your faces.

- Melissa

26 September 2015

The Great Alaskan Knit ~ by Kelli

You're a big, strong, grown man.  You fish and crab in some the the most feared waves and ice, that out of control weather. You're gone from your family for long periods of time. 
You pack your favorite new baseball cap, your iPod,charging equipment, camera, and he never forgets his blanket his wife knitted him~ 
I'm impressed how it has not pilled up. It could use a good blocking ( but that's never going to happen )
He cherishes his blanket. Which may be the best knit I've knitted. No fancy ribbons, awards, or museum entries here. No great stitches, YO's, or pattern for that matter...
 The thought of me knowing its treasured fills me beyond measure ~

20 September 2015

Shown Up By My Shawl ~Kelli

I thought the two of us my husband and I here taking a late summertime photo at our favorite bread bakery in Bow Washington," Breadfarm".
Apparently my Peppernut is right there smiling along to help make the shot. 
Happy Autumn ~

13 September 2015

Two Harbors Poncho ~ by Kelli

Great knit and fit!  Luxurious baby alpaca and merino blend. 
Easy to follow pattern. 
You know those days where you're off to hang out with friends and you have " nothing to wear", now you will. You won't want to take it off. 

I used Still Water and Lake Ice colors ~

04 September 2015

Good Ole US Postal Service ~ by Kelli

Do you like getting mail in your mail box? Outside from your computer?  That isn't a bill?  And has a free (usually knitting) pattern. 

I enjoy that Churchmouse sends out a quarterly newsletter that I haven't been able to set in my recycle since 2011. 

I know I can receive a quarterly email, but there's something about a hand held paper booklet that I like better. 

There sweet quotes they find and add~

             "I'm so glad I live in a world 
              where there are Octobers"
                 L.M. Montgomery 
        From Anne Of Green Gables

Along with a personal story, tips, maybe a seasonal recipe and other great info. 

If you haven't already sign up for the Churchmouse newsletter. The patterns they give free in the booklet that usually become for sale. And before you know it you have 22 free patterns!!! and 22 x 5.00 plus tax adds up!  Just another wonderful service of there charming company~

Almost forgot to mention.... 4 address changes.... gulp!