23 April 2016

Washing Socks ~ from Kelli

Hope everyone has knitted socks! If you haven't I encourage you to take a class and or learn. They are fabulous! But for some reason my sock projects get put aside... for other knits!

 I'm a wood double points, US 1.5, TopDown ribbed sock girl myself! 

Many sock knitters use 75% natural fiber, such as wool with 25% polyester. Or Superwash wool blend for easier wash/dry care also to hold up and be worn longer. 
Oh but not me... I do enjoy 100% wool,  and hand washing!  Yep!  I use Eucalan, grapefruit scent for washing and then air dry. 
Happy knitting!

17 April 2016

Historic Gaches Mansion~

Save a day to come and tour works of art  in La Conner at the Quilt&Textile Museum, in the Historic Gaches Mansion. 

Museum Hours: April open daily 11-5
May-June Tuesday-Saturday 11-5

Yours truly and Melissa will be part of the Creative Knitting June1-July 3!
Do you recognize the Stonecrop which we KAL'ed, it will be on display. 

04 April 2016

Heavenly Knitting ~ from Kelli

This is the way to knit! Sitting outside on the back porch at Bazaar Girls Yarn Shop, in Port Townsend, WA hearing the laps of the waves hit the beach~  They have the tea to sip you into a coma-knit state of mind. I had the whole day to myself! What treat! 
Hope you find a day to sit outside and breath in deep and create!