31 December 2016

Yarn choice for Anisos - guest blogger Andrea

Happy (almost) New Year!  I'm excited to be, once again, joining the New Year KAL.  I'm really looking forward to beginning.  The pattern is stunning and I've chosen a yarn that I have not previously knit with.  I love the color and can't wait to start casting on those 735 picots (I'm knitting the largest size).  See you in 2017!!

30 December 2016

ANISOS YARN - guest blogger Tracey

My yarn choice for the Anisos wasn't hard
to make. I have been saving two skeins of
The Fibre Company's Meadow in Gentian Violet
because I love this yarn and can't think of a better
person to use it for than my Mama.

I am going to knit the second largest size as I have
1090 yards and I want to use every last gram that
I can.

2016 was the year of socks for Christmas gifts
and I have decided 2017 will be the year of
the Shawl.

24 December 2016

My Choice Of Yarn Is... - posted by Kelli


Round Mountain Fibers~
I'll talk more about it soon!

9th Annual New Year Knitalong ~ posted by Melissa

It's here! Time to gather supplies and count the minutes...

Kelli and I were together when we chose our pick for this year's knitalong.  It was an instant 'this is the one!' from both of us when we saw Lily Go's design from Wool People 9.

Here is Anisos:
(photos used with permission from Brooklyn Tweed)

This is the perfect choice for a kal - there are five (5!!) different size options, from a small shawlette to a lovely piece large enough to wrap yourself up in.  It has an unusual shape as well, so it's going to be a learning experience for Kelli and I.  There's always something new to learn so that was definitely a selling point for me when deciding on this design.

The pattern is available on Ravelry and also directly from Brooklyn Tweed's website:

As far as the business end of the kal:

We cast on New Years Day (not a minute before) but other than that, there are no rules.  There is no deadline, we go at our own pace (this is supposed to be fun!), you may blog with us (details below) or just follow along in the comments section.  We encourage you to tackle new things and are here to help each other along the way if needed. 

I think that's everything.  If you would like to join us January 1st, send me a message on Ravelry (twoknitwit) with your email address and I'll add you to the blog as an author.  You'll have blogging privileges and will be able to post and share pictures as we go.

For newbies that want to blog with us, here is a link to a page that Kelly Lightbeam created for us with exactly what will happen when you send me your email address:

I hope we have a good turnout this year.  The blog has been fairly quiet for the last year but it's starting to come to life again and I'm excited to reconnect with some of our annual knitting friends...and maybe a few new ones!

Finally, just to get this party started - here is my yarn choice for my Anisos.  I'll be making the largest size because, yo that's how I roll ... heheheh : )

I hope everyone is as excited about this as Kelli and I are.

Happy Sunday, all!

~ Melissa

01 December 2016

Stonecrop (A 2016 New Year's KAL) by guest blogger Andrea

  Andrea here.  I have procrastinated long enough in presenting my Stonecrop, the 2016 KAL project.  It was so much fun to knit and I'd like to share to results with you.  I named my shawl Pearl without Purls.  It amazes me that you could create something so beautiful with nothing more than knit stitches and yarnovers.  It makes it completely reversible too.  

A Pearl Without Purls

Up close and personal
Matches the barberry
The repeating motif is so beautiful

My favorite table runner
Thank you to Melissa and Kelli for the  great KALs.  What's in store for 2017?  It's just around the corner.

IRELAND ~ By Kelli

The yarn shop in Dublin, you can tell from the knitted open signs, this is going to be good!
This Is Knit
YES! Lace shawls!
Melted me ~ capturing companion!  
after giving, he bent down and said something~   God Bless them both!
A field trip perhaps? Happy carefree girls! Lovely Irish young ladies! All small town
school kids we saw had uniforms.  This was Dublin, big city,
No uniforms.?
Christ Church, Dublin,
Around a thousand years old~
Arches and such detail
Very active church!
peeking through
Lots of grey stone in Ireland, usually with a touch of green!
The fog, while riding the train!
Christmas Market, Limerick, Ireland
Coal waiting to warm the pub for the day, and into the morning!
The coal stove to warm you...might need a cold beer
when you sit there!
All Christmas outed, we where there Nov 13-22.
Made me grateful for Thanksgiving and how it
does slow Christmas down more then Ireland ~
Tea Shop, yummy!
On the rivers edge, swapping fishing stories with the locals~
Galway Bay, Ireland, stone walls every where!!!
The simple.
Happy welcoming kitty!
Loved the nature
The Cliffs Of Mohar!!!!!!
Ludlow is the perfect scarf to travel with, ask Will!
What's not to love!
King John's Castle wall! The English side of Limerick, Ireland

Hoping you all enjoyed~ trust me I have many more photos,you just never know when I'll post more :)