29 November 2014

first snow ~ Melissa

baby it's cold outside!
Hoping everyone had a Thanksgiving they are thankful for.  I did.  Our holiday was spread out over Thursday and Friday.  It was good to spend time with both families and catch up with friends we haven't seen for far too long.  The snow came last night and it's cold enough it appears it's here to stay for a few days.  We've turned the page towards our year end celebrations and the house is a flurry of activity as the fall decorations get tucked away until next year and the Christmas loves slowly start appearing.
I'm looking forward to Christmas this year.  Last year was tough.  This year I'm soaking every bit of joy in through all my pores.
Are you all ready for December?
I am!

23 November 2014

woolly babes ~ Melissa

Neoma Jane's little sister will be here anyday and I finished gifts in the nick of time.  Just need to wrap everything tonight and tomorrow they go over the mountains (and through the woods...hehe) to mama.  I blogged about the purple blanket here and the sweater here.  The pink blanket just finished drying this morning from it's blocking bath ( my ravelry notes can be found here ) :

There's nothing quite as blissful as knitting things for little ones and I feel so lucky to have two goddaughters to make things for.  And three lovely nieces who appreciate hand knit things as well.  Last year I made them all mittens for Christmas and you could tell they really loved them.
I finally made myself a matching pair (I've been busy!) :

 They're Olla Mittens (free on knitty.com) or you can follow the link in my ravelry notes here.  I really love this pattern and the embroidery is super easy since Anna has you knit landmarks for the stitching as well as giving a really great diagram in the pattern (much like a kids 'dot to dot' puzzle ~ just follow the numbers).  Every girl should have a pair of these.
Go ahead, make yourself some.  You'll love them!
Happy Sunday, everybody!

22 November 2014

The Right Place At the Right Time! ~ a post from Kelli

Being that it's my Birthday Season~
My husband and daughter knew I'd love to go to Chruchmouse
for the day.  Not knowing a huge surprise awaited!
The Plucky dyers themselves Sarah and Hayley (sisters) were there!!!
Meet my new highly talented, super nice friends. 
All the way from there dying barn in Michigan! 
If you can score some...gotta try the Plucky Knitter Yarns!

and of coarse you know I offered to test-knit ;)
Thanks ladies!!!

21 November 2014

three ~ Melissa

~ September - October - November ~
three months into Liesl's monthly sock challenge and I'm still in!
here's my November pair:

and there was enough yarn left to make some fingerless mitts :
what a fun set, don't you think?

I've already cast on my December pair :

Liesl is also doing giveaways during her sock challenge ~ I was unaware so I was incredibly surprised and so excited to get an email from her a few weeks ago that I had won her very first drawing...for a $25 Etsy gift certificate!  I thought long and hard and finally decided on the above hand dyed self-striping yarn...a perfect holiday colorway!...from Laurel at Spinningfates.  I've been anxious to cast on so when it finally arrived yesterday I unwrapped my brand new Karbonz needles and got started.
I love the needles (thanks for everyone's input ~ I ended up with these mostly because they were the only metal needles the LYS I stopped at stocks) ~ I love the yarn (what's not to love, don't you think!?) ~ and have I told you lately how much I love knitting socks...hehe!
Better get ~ have a baby blanket that needs blocking and wrapping before Sunday night.  Goddaughter number two will be here soon and baby gifts for her as well as birthday gifts for her big sister Neoma Jane are being delivered on Monday.  Have a great weekend, everyone!
a few more links:

18 November 2014

teehee ~ Melissa

Imagine my surprise when cruising the Seattle Times online paper just now and stumbling on this photo taken today :
photo by Ken Lambert : Seattle Times

That's my handsome hubby hard at work downtown this afternoon ~ brightening the city with holiday cheer.
And wearing a hand knit hat ~ made by yours truly :)
Today we both get five minutes of fame!

09 November 2014

congratulations Isabell ~ Melissa

“Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it.”
-George Halas

Dear Bella ~ You made me tired just watching how hard you worked.

Bella is the tall girl in the back!
And so proud to see you beat personal bests in all four events...and then beat them again the next day ~ you took my breathe away .  I hope I can come see you swim at the state meet next weekend!  You worked so hard and I'm so glad I got to see your successes.  Thank you!!
Love - Aunt Melissa

03 November 2014

Bad Boys With Sweet Knitted Caps - by Kelli

A hard working crew of men.  Working on the  F/V Early  Dawn, out of Seattle.  My husband works with a strong and trusting group .  He requested a Seattle Seahawk striped hat for each of them.  In return I wanted a picture, and this Is them!
What a lucky wife I am to have a husband who will work so hard and find a way to talk 5 other guys to get a picture.

(Kelli was having trouble uploading the photo so I did it for her...it says I posted this but it's her husband in the bright yellow pants on the left!)

01 November 2014

dia de los Muertos ~ Melissa

O May I join the choir invisible 
Of those immortal dead who live again 
In minds made better by their presence: live 
In pulses stirr’d to generosity, 
In deeds of daring rectitude, in scorn
For miserable aims that end with self, 
In thoughts sublime that pierce the night like stars, 
And with their mild persistence urge man’s search 
To vaster issues.
George Eliot :: 'The Choir Invisible' 
(here's a link if you'd like to read the poem from beginning to end ~ it's worth reading ... I especially like the last part)
Today marks the annual Day of the Dead celebration, where those who have passed are enticed to come back and visit by those left behind.  It's one of my favorite things about the Mexican culture.
  On one of our walking treks the last time my husband and I went to Puerto Vallarta, outside of the touristy section we discovered an art gallery that had incredible pieces celebrating this tradition.  Jason was enamored with a particular piece and after returning home, I contacted the gallery and had something shipped back to the states.
  I had it framed and gave it to him for Christmas.  I can easily say this was the most thought out and well received (he was thrilled!) gift I have ever given him.  I know he still loves and appreciates it.

The artist did an intricate carving, used it to stamp these incredibly sliver-thin pieces of bark with the image and then hand painted the print.  We now have an amazing piece of folk art with vacation memories attached to it.

I finished my monthly sock challenge socks ~ the final toe was kitchenered while waiting for trick-or-treaters last night.  Hooray ~ I feel a huge sense of accomplishment since I've met my goal for two months in a row!  I also was lucky enough to receive an email from Liesl @ Buckaloo View this morning letting me know I had won her first drawing...a $25 etsy gift certificate.  I will be shopping for hand dyed sock yarn this weekend :) (thanks so much, Liesl!!).  If you've purchased yarn on etsy in the past and have a favorite, let me know!

I broke my very first knitting needle making these socks.  I'm actually surprised I haven't broken these toothpick sized sticks before and I've decided to invest in a metal pair of dp's just for sock knitting.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Do you have a favorite set?  I'd love any thoughts (pro & con) on any manufacturers you've tried before I make up my mind.

Luckily, the socks I've chosen to knit for November are worsted weight and use heavier needles.  If I manage to snap a US6 double-point when knitting these, I'll know I need to learn to knit just a little looser!
Hope this weekend finds everyone well and relaxing with family and friends.  My husband decided it's his turn to cook and has spaghetti sauce brewing in the crock pot ~ I'm a very lucky girl!
Be well ~ Melissa

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