31 December 2015

New Years Eve - posted by Melissa

“The artist is always beginning. Any work of art which is not a beginning, an invention, a discovery is of little worth.” 
― Ezra Pound

Spent part of the day with our knit group & was finally able to give this lovely person her 50th birthday gift.  Recognize???  It's SPIRE!!  My 2014 New Years project is finally done 2 years later and doesn't it look fantastic on Kelli?!

Looking forward to casting on Stonecrop with you all tomorrow!  Have a wonderful evening...the fun begins tomorrow!

Happy New Year!  Melissa

13 December 2015

Annual New Year Knitalong - posted by Melissa

Hiya, knitting peeps!
Gonna reel it back in this year. Last year was out of control with too many people and too many different projects and not many of us finished so back to what works best! One design and a common goal and I bet we can do better!

Kelli & I chose another Jared Flood lace ... because of course, what would a Girls in Sheep Clothing kal be without him? Seriously. He's our fearless leader, although unbeknownst to him!

This year's choice, an Orenburg style lace rectangular scarf ~ Stonecrop :
(all photos used with permission from Brooklyn Tweed)

This should be fun ~ most of the lace edging is incorporated as you go, with only the top-border being knitted on at the end. It can be made in 2 different sizes so you can choose your favorite.

Pattern is available for purchase on Ravelry or directly from Brooklyn Tweed's website  - link here.

We'll cast on together January 1st, so everyone has 2 weeks to gather materials. Let me know on Ravelry if you're interested (you can send me a pm here) & I'll get your info so I can add you as an author on the blog. Remember, this is a no rule kal. No deadlines and knit at your own pace. 

Let's get this party started!