29 March 2013

Proof - by guest blogger WillyG

This morning (yeah, I'm off work!) I broke into the fifth repeat of Chart C.

I'm enjoying using the resting rows as a chance to read a bit more Whitman. I have to say, while it sometimes stretches me a bit, it is easily friendlier fare than Poe. Okay, so I may be master of the obvious, but at least I'm trying, right?

Happy Easter, all!

27 March 2013

The Mighty, Mighty Mel Saves the Day! ~ Post by Guest Blogger Jeff

Break out the bubbly! My Leave of Grass is FINISHED! Thanks in large part to Melissa, who, just by chance, had a partial skein of the same yarn in the same colorway as I was using - and was able to send that to me when I ran out with only 6 and a half edging repeats to go. All I needed was an extra 10 grams!



Alpaca in the Leaves (of Grass)

the obligatory cat picture :)

24 March 2013

can you hear the angels sing? ~ posted by Melissa


oh, to have good friends ~ and one that you will now have to 'love forever' :)
it's all yours, Jeff ~ there's about 3.3 oz left ~ I'll post it to you first thing tomorrow!
I see champagne in both our futures very soon!

oh, the horror! - Post by Guest Blogger Jeff

The good news: I only have 6 and a half more repeats of the edging to go!

The bad news:
That strand off to the right of the needle... yeah, that's the end of my last skein.

I've placed an emergency order with Zoe's momma and hope to to be able to finish SOOOOOOON!

More Pictures...Melissa Said It Was Ok! ~ by guest blogger Leanne

I was able to take some new pictures of my LOG.
I had posted them on the farm blog and Melissa told me that it was ok
to add some more to the KAL blog.

So, here goes....

Just a few more of this loved knit.

Ok. That's it!

Happy Knitting. Anyone know of a new KAL to join???


23 March 2013

It's Been A Pleasure ~ by guest blogger Leanne

It's done. It's done! It's done!!!!

A beautiful knit that will be cherished. I kind of miss working on it already.
Thank you for being a great KAL group. It was my first and now it won't be my last.

Your projects have inspired me and kept me going.

The beginning of this project had me stumped. I had SUCH a hard time getting this thing going!!!
But I'm so glad I continued. It was a dream to knit and I'm now a huge Jared Flood fan. Genius man.

I hope to take some better pictures, but here goes....

My Leaves

Knitted with 100% baby alpaca in a light fawn color.

Ravelry notes here: My Leaves

Happy Knitting,

22 March 2013

seriously? ~ posted by Melissa

Kelli gets spring tulips and I get this:
spring snow after a snow-free winter
this is what I woke up to this morning
the sun eventually won this heavenly battle
and after a quick stop for coffee I was finally off to work 
Mother Nature, you're one practical joker!

Sharing Joy~ a post from Kelli

I think my friend Sherry left these on my front porch,while I was at work yesterday,no note, I am so blessed. Just wanted to pass along the joy. Happy spring~

18 March 2013

LOGging in -- by Guest Blogger WillyG

So, I know everyone left me in the dust with their Leaves of Grass shawls, even if they did find it wonderfully convenient to omit a chart repeat.  wink, wink

Lest you think I would actually hold that against anyone, I assure you that I am joking. And besides, it would not make any difference, as I am still on chart C!  I have been happily knitting away at other things, but it somehow seemed appropriate to knit some more of my LOG blanket during a celebratory viewing of The Quiet Man for St. Patty's Day. I am quite proud to announce that I broke into the fourth chart repeat. For me, that is progress!

I knew when I signed up for the KAL that I would be taking the long route; I have grand aspirations of finishing by the end of the year, if not by the end of summer. Since I don't have a helpful photo of my LOG, here's a photo of some lace sampling I've done in the last month:

My foray into Walt Whitman's poetry has been about as meager as my LOG knitting, but I did come across one 'leaf of grass' that seemed fitting in this shared setting of knitalong blogging.  And no, it's not any of the steamy ones. ;-)

This moment yearning and thoughtful sitting alone,
It seems to me there are other men in other lands yearning and thoughtful,
It seems to me I can look over and behold them in Germany, Italy,
France, Spain,
Or far, far away, in China, or in Russia or talking other dialects,
And it seems to me if I could know those men I should become
attached to them as I do to men in my own lands,
O I know we should be brethren and lovers,
I know I should be happy with them.

If there's anyone out there still languishing in the expanse of your LOG shawl, enjoy the ride, and know that you have company!  :)

15 March 2013

wow ~ posted by Melissa

may you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night, and a smooth road all the way to your door  
  ~ traditional Irish toast

first there were none...

...then there was one...

...and then there were TWO!
While I stood outside taking photos last night, I couldn't help but wonder if there just might be two pots of gold at the end of this double rainbow?
Happy Saint Patrick's Day

12 March 2013

he was fat & bunchy, as a rabbit should be... ~ posted by Melissa

(from The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams)

"What is REAL?" asked the Rabbit one day

 "Real isn't how you are made," said the Skin Horse.  "It's a thing that happens to you.  When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real."

"It doesn't happen all at once," said the Skin Horse.  "You become."

"It takes a long time."

 "...but once you are Real you can't become unreal again.  It lasts for always."

pattern:  Henry's Rabbit from Rabbit Hole Knits (free ravelry pattern link here)
yarn:  Spud & Chloe Sweater in toast, chocolate milk and igloo
link to my ravelry project notes here
rabbits to be loved (hopefully!) & hugged & made Real by Neoma and Vincent

rabbit ear hat ravelry notes & pattern info can be found here

Almost!!!!!!! ~ by guest blogger Leanne

I know I'm behind the group, but I'm almost done with my Leaves!

Less than a 1/4 way around to do and it will be ready to block. WOOHOO!!!!

I read this quote recently and I loved it....

"Projects are made one stitch at a time. Slow down and enjoy the process."
So true......

I am constantly rushing to get my projects done. With the wish list of what I want to knit in my head, stash yarn yelling my name and my Ravelry Favs, new yarn stores popping up everywhere...I mean really. How can I possibly knit everything I want to? My sister knits at an unbelievable rate and I don't know how she does it! But I have to say, this project has been a joy to work on.
I'm ready to be done and yet I have a feeling I'll miss it when it's over.

 ( I ended up only doing on D Chart repeat. This sucker was getting too big!!!)
Happy Knitting!

10 March 2013

A Noni Retreat ~ A post by Kelli

I work at Ana Cross~Stitch, a yarn and threads shop. We weekend at Camp Brotherhood every year about this time. The owner of the shop invites a different designer every year. This year was Nora Bellows or Noni as she's known in the knitting and felting world. She's a fabulous women, who beats to her own drum. She's a flower lover. We learned the anatomy of a flower and were soon knitting away. While she taught the class the Cherry Blossom pattern, I flipped through the book. In true "Kelli fashion" found something else to knit, in my own gauge,weight and size not like the pattern called for(did I say SHE beats to her own drum?). I knitted the Pom Pom Chrysanthemum, I had worsted weight yarn, the pattern called for bulky, I used a US5, the pattern called for US13, I was suppose to repeat 120 petals,I repeated around 60. I liked how the flower and purse turned out, I'm planning on making the purse an across the body bag, as soon as get a 27" purse chain hardware, which I believe her twin sister Laura, aka JUL sells. Flood, Harding and Noni, that's a good winter~