14 June 2010

Finished .... is there anybody out there ;)

I have no idea if anyone is still working on their scarves that hasn't completed them yet but I finally (5 months after finishing the actual knitting) blocked mine today ~ it's still drying so no completely completed photos yet but here's my blocking pictures (& I am so glad I invested in the blocking wires ~ it is perfectly blocked and straight!!) Finished measurements are 14 1/2" x 75 1/2" ~ I'm very happy :)


  1. Yeah, beautiful job! It's never too late to finish a project - I should know, I've got plenty to finish.

  2. oooo Lovely! Pretty even blocking. I love that you have it outside!

    I'm on Day 12.


    GOAL: To finish this one BEFORE December 2010.

    Still working...

  3. Andrea ~ I agree, it's never too late! I've finished 3 projects this week that just needed blocking and whipped out 3 new sweaters in the last couple weeks.....I feel SO good & less guilt-riddled when I cast-on for something new!

    Rachel ~ keep plugging away at it ~ I have lots of silence at home most days which is why I can get the lace done ~ I don't know how you do it ;) ~ it couldn't be that you've got that luxurious BSA yarn to keep you motivated?