08 August 2010

Entry Day

a semi-sleepless night ~ it will be hard to let them go for a few days....
glad my partner in crime is doing this with me today ~ another fun adventure!

eta: that wasn't as hard as I thought ~ actually ended up volunteering to do a shift on Saturday watching over everyone's entries ~ here's a few more pics from today (hopefully Kelli will share hers later since I didn't get a great pic of her amazing entry ~ it's the gold shawl behind me in my photos)....


  1. Come by on saturday between 2:00 and 6:00 and meet us"knitwits" at the Skagit County Fair! We'll be the ones keeping an eye on all the needlecrafts.

  2. Good on ya, you two! I wish I would have had my Laminaria done a little sooner. I'd like to enter that. When do they do the judging?

  3. you can enter it next year for sure! I think you have 2 years from the date you finish a project to enter it ~ they told us today that the judging will be before the fair opens on Wednesday so all the prizes will be awarded & on display when they open the gates....wish I could go before Saturday ;)