15 November 2010

More Photos From Our Latest Adventure

" Aren't you glad I only had 3 sons" were the first words out of my wonderful mother-in-laws mouth.

With a laugh, hmm... what does that mean? all of us daughter-in-laws thought.
Wouldn't she want even more of us?!

~We might be all any mother could take.

We are so much more then just "in laws" to each other.
What a memory we'll share.
We'll have more, and we've got some money because of our courage, so we'll need to plan another activity.
Hope to knit with you all soon. ~Oneknitwit


  1. ok, sister, we need to talk about the power of 'veto' with posting pics online.....that last one looks like I really did have a seizure ~ horrible! thanks for taking the time to post a few pics. I'll have to beg Charisa to email me a photo or two if she got any good ones