17 October 2011

Island Girls

Just returned from our 3rd annual Roche Harbor knitting retreat on San Juan Island.  Zoe and Jo came along for the ride and behaved themselves quite nicely:

The weekend was filled with wildlife (these deer were crazy!!) ~

A visit with old friends on the farm:

And meeting some new:
Wardrobe additions from Peru:
Beautiful views from the front porch, morning and night:

Captured moments:

Autumn splendor:

Tons of laughter and sharing with this amazing group of women:
And another adventure shared with my best bud and partner in crime:
There are some good stories that go with the deer, the beads and that dazzling dress but I'll save those for another day.  And oh, yeah ~ I did manage to get some knitting done!  madeline, madeline, madeline....mmm mmm mmm ~just can't get enough of ya:

I cannot wait for next year!  What a fantastic weekend!   ~ Melissa


  1. I am jealous! You and your partner in crime look beautiful, healthy and happy-what more can someone want? (besides more yarn....)

  2. Oh we did have a great time. Beautiful weather, lots of laughs, many fun memories, stuff you just can't plan to happen in your life.
    Great photos!
    Thanks Mel,

  3. What fun! And what fantastically gorgeous pictures!

  4. I too am jealous, but in a good way as I am happy for y'all to have had such an idyllic setting and getaway! So glad the girls behaved, wouldn't want misbehavior reflecting badly upon you or your SIL.

    Your pictures look like postcards, everyone of them.

  5. Oh that red dress is magnificent !! I LOVE it... and all the pictures, so BEAUTIFUL . Thank you for sharing ! x