21 May 2014

curious ~ posted by Melissa

Hello again, everyone ~ now that I'm looking forward to Wednesdays and our weekly visits, they seem to be upon me before I know it.  I'm slowly savoring my reread of Angle of Repose ~ I'm enjoying it immensely more the second time through and am taking my time to feel all the nuances of Stegner's writing.  He's brilliant.
I made some good progress on my Coda sweater (link here) but didn't think to take any pictures.  I'm getting close to where you divide for the armholes which is exciting.  I caved in and cast on yet another project when Kate Davies released her newest design this week.  It's 'A Hap for Harriet' (link here) and I'm finding it very hard to put down.  It's a really intuitive knit and I rarely have to look at the pattern now that I have a few chart repeats under my belt.  The yarn is a bit of a mystery ~ my friend Kelly got it from her local spinner's guild sale and sent it to me (thanks again, Kelly!).  It's a wool/silk blend but I have a feeling there's a smidgen of nylon in it since it's impossible to break.  There was no tag with it so this pattern is perfect since it's all based on percentages and you can use whatever yarn you have and make it work.  Very fun!!

I managed to hit a few more new blogs this week and enjoyed seeing how crafty some of you are.  I'm hoping to visit a few more this week that I haven't yet!

One more thing ~ I've noticed many of you are gardeners and I'm hoping to solve a mystery.  We have this gorgeous bush in our yard that gets these huge bigger-than-a-handful poms of delicate white flowers in the spring and I can't seem to find anything similar online to identify it.  If anyone knows what this is, please let me know ~ I'd love to plant a few more if I can figure it out!

 Have a great day & see you all next week!
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  1. Hi Mel! Your flowers look like white hydrangea's to me. My mother in law has some beautiful blue ones growing in her yard and they dry great.
    Love your knitting as always. I will be casting on a Hap for Harriet soon.

    1. Thought you might like to read this....

  2. Beautiful knitting, the colour is a sheer delight.

  3. It looks like a hydrangea to me too - it's a beauty! Such lovely full heads. Isn't Kate Davies a treat - I adore her patterns and have knitted a few now. I only have to graft the armholes on her Stevenson Sweater and then I can wear - but grafting makes me nervous so it's been hanging on the end of the bed for a couple of months waiting. wasn't the story about Harriet's Hap lovely - she sounds a marvellous woman. Enjoy you hap-knitting!

  4. Beautiful hydrangeas !!! They are not oak leaf, but because I can't see the height of the plant I am guessing they are Mopheads.
    I loved that Hap shawl as well and put it in my favorites. When I finish all theses blankets I plan on casting on!!

  5. I do not know a lot about gardening but what about a snowball bush? just a stab.....Love the color of the knitting :) So very cheerful!!

  6. I think your bush is a form of hydrangea (or snow ball bush). My mom had one that looked like that for over 50 years but Superstorm Sandy did it in. I love your knitting and the bowl next to it.

  7. harriet, sweet harriet, hard-hearted harbinger of haggis...i love that pattern so much. thinking of doing one in blue moon worthy. also, found my way down into the mine with susan yesterday, so i'm not far behind. what a stunning, stunning novel that is. xoxo mimi

  8. Hydrangea came to my mind too :) xx

  9. If I'm right, I'm pretty sure those are viburnum! I've also seen them called Chinese and Japanese snowball bush/tree. The leaves don't match the hydrangea I'm familiar with and I found a bush in my yard and researched it when we first moved in. See what you think if you google search through images! Sometimes the flowers have a lime-greenish tint which makes my heart flutter. I love mine and it's accidentally become hidden by a ton of overgrown rose bushes over this past year, roses that I'm about to whack way back so the viburnum can be seen better! I feel like I read last week that you're in the Seattle area and I have seen them there too.
    Beautiful knitting!!

  10. I agree with Sarah. It's a Viburnum. The leaves of a viburnum are much different than those of a hydrangea. It's a huge class of plants though, and I'm not sure of the exact variety.

  11. Thank you so much for the earworm of "Harriet! Harri-et!" I've got going on in my head right now. Just kidding.

    Anywho...I like that shawl pattern and the color is beautiful.

  12. Hydrangea! That's my final answer!

    (always wonderful when you post, Mel. You get the group going no matter)

  13. Looks like a snowball bush.
    I've CO for the Hap shawl, too. It's a fun knit!

    You chose a great colour!

  14. looking at the leaves, my vote is snowball viburnum rather than white hydrangea. SO pretty.

  15. I am no expert, and would probably trust the folks who are identifying this plant by the leaves, but it is very reminiscent of the Annabel Hydrangeas that we have here in Minnesota. Enjoy!