20 September 2014

SPIRE KAL - Final Photos - by guest blogger Andrea

Hi everybody,

I took advantage of the end of summer weather we're having here in western Washington.  What a glorious day and a perfect time to bring this KAL project to a close.  I say that with some sadness. This project is one of my most challenging and memorable to date.

The beach a few blocks from my house was a good place to start.  I actually used it as the backdrop for another project: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/aksaxton/eurybia.  I then went a few blocks down the street to my favorite hometown park, Causland Park.  Here I found the perfect spots to really show off this shawl.
Causland Memorial Park (710 N Avenue) was built in the 1920’s by Louis Lepage and is on the National Register of Historic Places. A portion of the park is dedicated to Anacortes veterans from World War I to the Vietnam War.

 So here are pictures of my Spire.  I enjoyed the project so very much and always love knitting along with Kelli and Melissa and their blog readers.  I wonder what the next KAL might be?

 I go by this park every day.  It's easy to just drive by with one's blinders on.  Today, while walking around and studying its beauty, I am again reminded what a gem we have in town.

Happy Knitting, everyone.  Let's do this again soon!


  1. I blew all your photos up as big as possible, Andrea...you weren't showing off enough!!!! Gorgeous!!!!

    I'm glad you knit with us ~ I'll be finishing my Spire soon and we'll start talking about the big New Year's Knitalong that will be upon us before we know it!

    We can chat about ideas at the retreat :)

  2. Your pictures are delightful, we do live in an amazing place. I can see the growth and pride (well deserved) in your Spire. You wear it so well. I'm so glad you join us in our kals. You Anne-drea of Green Gables girl.

  3. Wow! the pictures are outstanding... The Spire is pretty too and you really have had some pretty knits and great colors.. You are a beautiful knitter anyway. I remember that beautiful sweater you were finishing last year at
    retreat. Keep up your great talent. Hugs and Blessings