15 October 2014

Time For Enjoyment & Laughter ~ a post from Kelli

The Firs ~ Knitting Retreat 2014

30 retreaters, 4 days, 9 prizes, tons of stash auctioned, over 2,200.00 dollars
raised/donated for the Friendship House, 2 besties catching up,
and 1 Seahawk loss :(

                      We get to be apart of some phenomenal women. Listen to stories about lives, a new perspective about life, meet a new friend,  catch up with an old friend, to grow compassion,  or receive compassion, to share our lives concerns, to listen, to be listened to, be renewed, restored, joy,  sorrow, giggling at night before going to sleep at 40++, completing an on going project, to repair a mistake among friends, to donate with hope of healing~ and laughter to help last the next time we meet.    That's what this retreat offers. I write with a grateful heart~  can't wait to go again.


  1. Well said, Kelli. I was so happy that I made it up for Saturday. I got a big dose of laughter medicine and came away with a couple of nice auction items. I can't wait until next year.

  2. you're speedy :)

    my brain is still reeling from all the fun ~ I'm getting a short post up tonight until I get the rest of my thoughts & photos in some order

    good to spend some time with you for sure ~ long overdue...