15 May 2015

Get Your Local Yarn Shop "ON" - posted by Kelli

The 2015 Local Yarn Shop Tour, Puget Sound area happening now! Though
Sunday, May 17th !
Please join us in celebrating our 10th year of shop touring.
 If you can't make it to our area, make it to your own LYS, in support.
Our tour is making it more interesting with every shop on the tour
giving away  free patterns as well as an originally designed button!
Everyone can purchase this commemorative tote bag~
Stop by Wild Fibers and come see me, now through Saturday
to get your " Where The Wild Things Knit" button! and of coarse
all our fabulous yarn!

                           ~ Kelli


  1. How did I completely forget that was this weekend? You'll be exhausted by Sunday but how much fun are you having???!

    1. I kinda posted to suttley remind you. Little bookworm ~
      Hoping one of these years go with you again!

      I'm staying put this year, no other shops but Wild Fibers.

  2. Do you work Sunday? Has it been busy? Might run up Sunday, see how things go... I spaced out about it being this weekend too.

    1. I'm shocked Sam didn't remind you!!! What would the Madeline women say?!!
      I'm not scheduled to work Sunday, Bella also has a swim meet.
      I'd meet up with you, keep me posted.

  3. We don't have yarn tours here in upstate NY, but it sounds like a great idea. And now you've reminded me to poke my head into our local yarn shop!

    1. happy to enable ~ what to do without local, hand touch, eye candy must have fibers. Thanks for letting me know.

  4. We have the MN Yarn Shop Hop every spring, and it's always such a fun event!