25 June 2015

who's that girl ???? .... posted by MEL !

Hello!  Long time no chat...it feels like months (and it probably has been...sorry!).  Not much on the knitting front to share but I've been busy busy busy - my short hair is growing out, I have new glasses and my first iPhone, thousands of pages of books have been read, hundreds of miles have been walked...busy busy!  Life is good right now and there has not been much sitting still, so no crafting news to be had.
BUT...stay tuned!  There is much (MUCH!!) good stuff coming up in the next few days and weeks that I can't wait to share...Kelli as well!  Hopefully I haven't lost you all in my absence...you'll be missing out on some fun adventures if you're not here any longer!!
heheheh : )
(did you miss me???!!! hehe!)
I've missed you all!


  1. How cute are you?!?! Knitting Bat Girl! Can't wait for tomorrow ~

  2. Love the look Mel, very cute and I want glasses like yours!
    I was thinking of you yesterday as I looked through BT Lookbook 9 and now you are in this space today, awesome!
    I did miss you and now can't wait to see what you have to share.

    1. I think of you every time a new Lookbook is released, Tracey!

      I've missed everyone - I'm looking forward to reconnecting : )

  3. Yes, you were missed!!! We look forward to the "good stuff" you mentioned. I can't even guess. Welcome back. :)

  4. Look at you, living life large! Glad to hear that you've been out in the world, moving and shaking. I'm excited to hear about what you have to share :)