21 October 2015

Not a Knitting Post - by Melissa

Nothing to do with crafting but....

In Seahawk news - if you are one of the many people who took what TMZ said as fact minutes after Fred Jackson's car accident yesterday...

Preliminary report last night from the Renton Police Department:
(most importantly - note in the last paragraph - TMZ reports are false per the police)

Which was followed up today by the final report on the matter:

It's amazing to me how instantaneously things can be skewed and distorted, nationally broadcast as such and taken as fact by all who read.  One of our football players had an accident.  He's okay, in case anyone is wondering.

Off my soapbox.  Carry on.



(Edited to add: if you'd like to read something that Fred Jackson wrote and learn a little about him, as well as his relationship with Marshawn Lynch, you might come away feeling a little (lot) differently about both of them. Role models or not, they are people with lives that matter.)
Link below:
'My Toughest Road Trip' - Fred Jackson (from The Players' Tribune)


  1. Thanks for posting this. I saw the report on CNN. I had to look up TMZ. Never heard of it. LOL

  2. Great post Melissa, the media is awful about everything... I read the article he wrote and what a guy, made me cry..of course Marshawn is already my favorite player. Go Hawks, they really all seem to be a class act.