23 April 2016

Washing Socks ~ from Kelli

Hope everyone has knitted socks! If you haven't I encourage you to take a class and or learn. They are fabulous! But for some reason my sock projects get put aside... for other knits!

 I'm a wood double points, US 1.5, TopDown ribbed sock girl myself! 

Many sock knitters use 75% natural fiber, such as wool with 25% polyester. Or Superwash wool blend for easier wash/dry care also to hold up and be worn longer. 
Oh but not me... I do enjoy 100% wool,  and hand washing!  Yep!  I use Eucalan, grapefruit scent for washing and then air dry. 
Happy knitting!


  1. Yes!! My favorite socks are handknit with Quince Lark(100% wool), on US 6s. They are sooooo cozy and hold up surprisingly well. I handwash them often with Eucalan and lanolin in the water.

  2. Awesome! I'm going to have to check that out! Sounds like a super slipper like, kick back and relax pair! Thanks for sharing!