02 June 2016

Might Have Missed This ~from Kelli

Took this photo for the BRRH (basic reversible ribbed hat) by WillyG, that I knit aways back. And damn glad I did! I captured my two favorite boys playing ball. I can't tell you who loved who more! 
Our beautiful golden retriever passed away Tuesday. His name was Jackson. 
If you've ever loved a pet you understand the void they leave, because  the love they instinctively give unconditionally! 

Oh to know to love like that ~


  1. I'm so sorry that you lost Jackson. You have this great picture to remember by. <3

  2. Love ya, Jackson such a good dog.. Do know the void. Hugs and Blessings

  3. We lost our 16 year old four legged friend, yesterday. You are not alone in this heartbreaking situation. Our motto today was - be brave, be strong, and carry on. Hope it starts working soon!

  4. Thanks for the sympathy, it's so hard loosing a loved pet. I do know that our pets are all about giving us joy and love, they would never want us to fall into sadness over them. That's what helps me heal~