14 September 2016

blue mood - Melissa

I'm soooo close to finishing this enormous undertaking ... my first knitting project in over a year, really, that I will finish in a timely fashion.  I start the lace border tonight and will try to get a few pictures this weekend as it starts coming off the needles.
And while that is happening I'll be trying to decide what to knit next. 
It will be blue.
I think... : )





  1. I cannot wait to see it off the needles!!

  2. All the knitting in these photos is lovely - well done you!
    As I'm also thinking of making the shawl, can I ask a question about it please? What does it look like on the reverse side? I much prefer shawls and scarves that are reversible so can't help wondering how this looks. Thanks! :-)

    1. Hi, Annie - Thanks for visiting the blog! There are actually 3 shawls shown so I'm not certain which you're asking about... My guess is you're curious about the top photo? None of the shawls are truly 'reversible' so if you're really particular about the look of the flip side, they may not be for you. I do think of the 3, the top one being so lacy and open makes the back side interesting and not unpleasant to look at. Hope this helps :) - Melissa