29 August 2011

Blown Away at The Evergreen State Fair

This left me speechless and I'm still not sure what to say about it so I'll use Kelli's words from yesterday.....I'm completely and utterly Blown Away:

I couldn't find this knit ~ Kelli eventually spied it and freaked out (shared glory, my sister!).  The conversation that followed was comical:
Kelli - "look at all your ribbons!!"
Melissa - "those are not all mine"
Kelli - "I've never seen so many ribbons on one thing!"
Melissa - "Kelli, those are not all mine!"
Kelli - "yes they are!"
Melissa - "they can't be all mine"
Kelli - "this blows me away"
Melissa - "did I win ALL those ribbons?!"
You would have laughed if you heard us!  So, here's what this lovely BadCatDesigns modified Snow Queen Pi tablecover took home for awards:
~~~~1st Place Blue Ribbon
~~~Best of Class Rosette ["awarded to best item in each class"]
~~~Best of Show Rosette ["awarded to 3 items only ~ overall best lace, best crochet and best knit (that's me!) entered in the fair]
~~~Special Award Rosette ["awarded at the judges discretion to items they feel are of unusual excellence"]
~~~Reserve Grand Champion Rosette [I'm not sure exactly what this one means but it sure is pretty!]

I know it's such a random thing to have someone give you an award over someone else when just as much time and effort was put into many things I saw entered yesterday, but it is soooo cool to be acknowledged as a pretty good knitter when it's something that you absolutely love to do! Here's the link to my Ravelry project page if you want to see where this project started and how far it's come!



  1. woohoo!!!!! (it only lets me post comments as anonymous. This is Kathi Taylor)

  2. thanks, Kathi! I'm glad you told me who 'anonymous' was so I would know it was you!

    I was just on your blog this morning and was excited to see the link for the starter recipe for Amish Friendship bread ~ I've been given some already started a few times over the years and have always wanted to know how to start my own batch since I always eventually end up killing mine ;)

    Melissa (sorry to see your fallen trees, also)

  3. Wow, just saw this link on Ravelry....just terrific!! Reminds me of the days going to Indiana State Fair, before I knew how to knit....and I just loved seeing all of the beautiful work by people like YOU!! :) Now, I am trying to knit just like this when I grow up!

  4. Diana ~ I know that feeling ~ I still get it when I see so many fine crafters showing their work. And to be awarded ribbons.....it's a such a cool thing. Get something in your local county fair next year and see how you do. The whole experience is fun like you'd never imagine ;)


  5. WOW -- Grand Champion? Why am I not surprised? Way to go. You are one amazing person.

  6. I did not get to the fair this year but I am sure its a beautiful piece! The last year or two I have thought about entering something (though I don't know how actually but anyway) very cool and now that I see that....I think I have a few more years before I should start thinking about entering!

    (grneyzz from OTOH at Rav)