29 August 2011

Evergreen State Fair Photo Album 2011

Who is that cutie in the corner.....stay tuned!
The day started perfectly ~ amazing sunny, summer, DRY weather.  Free parking pass, free admission tickets for us knitters and half price tickets for the tagalongs:

First stop was Barn 500 to look for the Knitwits' entries and see how we did.......holy cow, it was wonderful to have so many people enter that we had a hard time finding our things!! 
HOORAY Washington Fiber Artists ~ what a turnout!!!
Kelli won a 1st Place Blue Ribbon!!!!

...and so did Melissa!!!!

What fun ~ blue ribbons at the State Fair.  How cool is that?!?!

Then it was off to the Knit-In ~ they provided us with a lovely windowed tent in a nice shady spot to sit and knit and visit for 3 hours.  It was great fun to see many from our Snohomish Knitters Guild, meet some new people from the Eastside Guild and run into a friend from my work.  We sat and knit and chatted and ate smoked turkey legs, curly fries and cookies, and had a smashing good time:

The knit-in was over before we knew it and we weren't quite ready to leave, so we strolled around and looked at a few things that we hadn't seen yet:

We had such a great time, from watching the 4H'ers enjoying being part of the fair to witnessing a woman in her 90's participate in the knit-in.  We are already looking forward to next year.

Oh yeah, and thanks, Kelli, for teaching me to knit (I don't think I've mentioned that to you at all in the last couple days!  Ok - maybe 10 times or so but I do mean it!)
~  Melissa


  1. Perfect 'post' you take the best pictures. Another memory to be greatful for. We are so blessed!

  2. I agree ~ wonderful memories

    and thanks for teaching me to knit!

  3. Congratulations girls on the ribbon winning! I already knew you would be winning some ribbons because your knitting is beautiful!!