21 November 2011

The Fair(isle)est of them all....

I'm obsessed (again...) ~ between my new found love of stranded knitting, my 'finish-itis', the icy temps this weekend and hours and hours of me time, I have some new completed projects to share.

First, my crowning (ha!) achievement, Mary Scott Huff's 'Queen of Hearts' Selbuvotter mittens (details of my project including yarn and needle size can be found here on my Ravelry page.

I also started and completed a Christmas gift this weekend ~ I won't share who the recipient is since I don't want to spoil the surprise.  'Fingerless Gloves Musica' is a free pattern that can be found on Ravelry (and my project details can also be found here).

And, I'm just finishing up my Kate Davies 'Peerie Flooers' stranded hat.  I just have a few more rows of crown decreases and a few (or more) hours of weaving in all the loose ends and it will be done.  I'm so excited to share this hat ~ it's one of my favorite knits ever!  Hopefully, by this weekend I'll have some finished photos to post.  I can't wait to show you!

Have a great week, all!   ~ Melissa


  1. Look and you go!! They are perfect looking from over here and boy whoever gets stranded mitts for a present is LUCKY!!!

  2. thanks, everybody ~ I'm pretty proud

    I still need a LOT of practice but I'm loving the process so that's all the counts

    and Kathleen, a compliment from THE Fearless Fair-Isler is huge! and I can proudly say that neither of these projects required a Sharpie ;)...hehehe

  3. Lovely mitts! Both are stunning and isn't color work addicting? Great work Melissa.