01 November 2011

Of Spindles and Roving and Wagtail Yarn

That's the tale I have to share today!  A recent care package full of homemade jams and stashed yarn sent to a Ravelry friend in Pennsylvania got me this in return :
I'm quite certain I got the better end of the deal but I'll take it!  A skein of Wagtail Yarns sport weight Fine Kid Mohair (enough for a small shawl) in a rich shade of brown from The Tangled Web in Philly, my first bunch (bag, bundle, ????, I don't have the words in my vocabulary yet) of Pencil Roving in a heathered Mountain Laurel shade (4 ounces ~ enough for?) that he got at the New York State Sheep & Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, a great card and this (also from Rhinebeck!):
It's made by Kundert Spindles in Wisconsin ~ the type of 'wood on whorl' is Butternut (so much to learn...my head is whorling!  what the heck is a 'whorl?' and what do those numbers '1.2' mean?).  Thanks Jeff for picking this out for me ~ I love it even more knowing that you went there with a mission to get this girl spinning!  It is gorgeous and after I've stared at it for a couple days and am not afraid of breaking it, I think we will become good friends!

My chaotic schedule and a freaking sore elbow have kept me from getting much knitting done (it's not a knitting related injury but I'm thinking I may have to lay down the needles for a bit or it won't get better ~ SHOOT!).  I've been working on my Cranberry Capelet ~ I'm just past the halfway mark (it's more like an oversized dickey right now ~ remember those from the 70's and 80's?....shudder).  I've had to modify it as I go since my gauge was spot on with swatching but tighter on the actual knit.  Not a big deal since it's top down and I can try it on as I go.  I'm loving the fit, and the yarn and color are perfect ~ the cables really pop!
Guess that's all I have to share for now.  Unless you want to hear more about my awesome spindle ;)
I'll spare you and just add one more picture of my new toy ~ I hear people name their wheels...I might have to find this thing a name!     ~ Melissa


  1. 1.2 ounces... it's a medium weight spindle, I think. Congrats, it's lovely!

  2. thanks, Will ~ I think you may have had a hand in picking it out? if so, thanks ;)

    hope you guys had a great time in Rhinebeck ~ I spent many summers there growing up but never knew it would be calling to me to come back & visit in my adult years (maybe someday I'll get back there in October!!)

  3. Kundert Spindles are very nice- you'll love using it! Welcome to the world of spinning!

  4. What a great gift! I love the purple-ness :) I hope your elbow gets better soon.

  5. i'm thinking that putting down the needles and picking up the spindle might help with the elbow issues. *grin*

  6. you might have a good idea, Jeff! this 'not knitting' thing is not working for me ~ I'm feeling a little stir crazy

    well, ok, a LOT stir crazy ;)
    too bad you don't live down the street ~ I'd pop over right now and you could get me started!


  7. I was thinking I'd like spinning. This is awesome, Mel. Hope the elbow is doing better by now. Hugs!