04 September 2012

Evergreen State Fair 2012 ~ A post from Kelli

Here I am standing with approval of the yarn bombed post in the 'needle' section of the Evergreen State fair. My fairisle vest from last year 'faired' well.
I don't know what it is about seeing my husband (Jr.) bend down from his 6'3" frame to pet a baby alpaca but it just warms my heart. He and I went to the Fair this year and even tho we did have a fun time, it wasn't the same as when Melissa and I go. Her and I can get to laughing, and go to another level of understanding about fibers and hand crafted wears. Hoping you're well. Looking forward to the new knit-a-long. Kelli


  1. Fantastic Vest! So deserving of a ribbon!

    On Good Morning America this morning they did a "Yarn Bombing" segment!!

    Husbands are great (when they are great husbands), but girlfriend fun on shared passions...sorry, honey...I'll see you when I get home!

  2. Gorgeous vest. What an intricate job; well done, indeed!