31 August 2012

who is up for a challenge? ~ posted by Melissa

I put it out there to a few people already that I'm itching for a challenging project ~ I mean really challenging ~ and that I would love to knit a Herbert Niebling design and just like that, another knit along is in the works!  There's no set start date yet but the planning has begun!  I think the consensus is that it would be much fun to pick whatever lace pattern of his interests you the most and we'll all get started on the same date (to be determined).  This will give everyone the chance to find a design that stands out on a personal level and then we can all share our different choices and progress as we go, especially since I think once we've all got one of his glorious ideas finished we'll be itching to do another and we can use this kal as a gauge to pick other designs.  I don't have my yarn yet and I'm not exactly sure what pattern I will choose, but I've got it narrowed down to just a couple.
So far, Kelly Lightbeam, Jeff in PA and Morgen have jumped on board.  Morgen has already done a bunch of homework in the last couple of days so I think she's chomping at the bit to get started!  There are a few free Herbert Niebling patterns as well as downloads available for purchase on Ravelry, and Morgen has let me know about this website: Doilyhead's Blog ~ adventures in lace knitting (or Raising Herbert Niebling) .  Glenda's blog (as well as her flicker site ~ there's a link to it on her blog homepage) has quite a few Niebling patterns for purchase, also.  There's a page on her blog about copyright issues and why she is selling his patterns so if you have issues with copyright infringement, you can read why she has the right to sell them (please please please ~ if you are reading this and do have a problem with her selling them, don't make this a forum to start a discussion or argument about it ~ it's a really gray area for me and all I'm saying is, if you want to buy from her, do, and if you don't, don't!).
So, here's the skinny.  If you are interested in participating and I didn't already name you above, let me know and I'll get you added to the blog.  I'll keep everyone posted and hopefully have a start date figured out in the next couple weeks.  I haven't knit anything that has really stretched my skills since my Snow Queen Pi Shawl over 2 1/2 years ago and I think this knit along will be exactly what I need!
I hope to find that there are more lace fanatics out there than just the four of us...this kal could prove to be the most interesting one yet!   ~ Melissa


  1. Oh, Melissa, you guys are fearless!!! I will be cheering from the sidelines and waiting to see these beauties!! xoxo ~ t.

  2. WOW! Challenge you shall get! His patterns are so spectacular. I can't wait to watch this unfold!
    More cheering from the sidelines!! :)

  3. don't know about fearless, Tanna ~ there's nothing that can't be ripped back and fixed, right??



    Pamela ~ you're the official blog head cheerleader!!!

  4. Depending on dates, I may be in. My Sept. And first part of Oct. Are booked solid.

  5. I'm thinking later in Sept for a start date and this will be a sloooow knit so if you want to jump in when you get back from your adventures in Oct, you'll be totally fine!

    you can plan until then what you might want to do and be ready to start when the time is right!

    I hope you do :)

  6. Oh thank goodness! While it is true that I am anxious to start, I am thrilled that this will be a *s l o w* KAL. I think this might be a knit that I will enjoy savoring as the days grow shorter and colder. I am so glad to hear of others joining in. It will be fun to see what others pick and how they develop. I can knit them all vicariously!!!



  7. Morgen ~ with the days getting shorter and the good knitting light getting more scarce the later we get in the year, there are very few hours around work where I can see well enough to knit something this intricate so it's going to take me forever!

    and happy bday to me ~ I went on doilyhead's blog today and did you know that purchases are discounted if you buy more than one pattern? ahem ~ I bought 8 and got 2 for free basically (yes, that's 10 total Niebling's ~ good grief ~ it's a lifetime of knitting!!!)

    Mel (aka happy happy camper!!)

  8. I want in too... this will be a growing time for me, gulp, I get confused just looking at the pictures, let alone the patterns, and slow? what's that? ~ha. I do want and need to learn more. I'll get looking.


  9. I am so tempted. Looking at Ranunkel on RAV. So pretty.