29 December 2012

Allow me to introduce myself...

Hey all!

It's time I do a little more than lurk. So here it is:

I'm Jeffry's other half.

I spend most of my days in a nursing home. In a different century, I could have been a court jester.  (Danny Kaye made an excellent one, by the way.)

I am not well read, but I'm currently very much enjoying a jaunt through G. K. Chesterton's spy novel, The Man Who Was Thursday; it's all in a feeble attempt to read more. I love the little things, such as the way the spies use a special finger-tapping code to communicate in a dire situation, only to argue over whether or not one is poetic.

I am not well versed in drink, so the rule of thumb is to make it sweet and fruity. Ever heard of a Woo Woo?

I have been knitting avidly for over a decade, and Jeff has already surpassed me in a mere couple years. *glares in Jeff's direction*

I shall be joining you for the Leaves of Grass knitalong that starts in a mere few days!

I hesitated to join the knitalong despite "horrible nagging" because I also have grandiose visions of doing more handspinning. *cough

I plan to use a merino/bamboo blend from Briar Rose Fibers to make the blanket version. It's called Celebration, and it looks a lot like Cascade Ecological Wool in terms of weight, but with the sheen afforded by bamboo. I have about 1800 yards, so I hope that will be enough.

It's a pleasure to join you, and I am looking forward to procrastinating with you!  :)


  1. Ooh, very jealous of that colorway; it will be beautiful! Must check out some Chesterton, I'm sure I have some on the shelf. (Walks to bookshelf muttering distractedly...)

    1. I just looked up 'Chesterton' on Drink Mixer and it didn't come up with anything and then I realized it's an author, not a cocktail

      Morgen, I thought you were off to the bookshelf to look up a drink, not a book.

      I think I better lay off the 'Beautifuls' :)


  2. WELCOME, WillyG :)

    if my weak attempt at nagging is what sucked you in, I will have to think hard on what else I can get you to do on my behalf and commence to working on that!

    Love the Danny Kaye reference (!) but thumbs down on the Woo Hoo (blech - Shnapps...and peach at that...pleh!...but I do love that website - have you had a 'Beautiful'...just saying...)

    thanks for getting the kal posting off to a fantastic start ~ love your whole post and your yarn choice and the visual of you glaring at Jeff (play nice, now, boys!)

    looking forward to knitting with you in 2013 (...and maybe into 2014 as well if this thing drags on interminably!)

  3. Welcome WillyG,

    So glad you're going to join us.

    I'm Kelli, you can be sure I'll be rigging in the New Year with a sweet drink.

    Can't wait to see you create your blanket.



    1. Kelli ~ when I tried to convince WillyG to join us, I didn't tell him you would be done with your project in 2 weeks...I didn't want to scare him away!

  4. I'm having trouble deciding between two yarns,one's lace,a winter-green one's fingering, a tone on tone burnt greens. Neither are the ones I talked about on our jouney from Churchmouse. Two, Leaves of Grass? hmmm?

    1. I don't recall what yarn you talked about using? I'm winding my Isager right now and will get a picture up later today maybe :)

      are all of your choices lace?

  5. I love when lurkers show themselves :) Nice to meet you and can't wait to see what everyone is knitting :)

  6. happy New Year, Karen ~ I'm a lurker on your blog (I know you know!) ~ excited to see what 2013 brings for you!