09 December 2012

hello! ~ posted by Melissa

Seems like the blog has been a little stagnant lately ~ sorry!  Don't know what Kelli is up to but I'll try to share something a tiny bit interesting (hopefully!).

Here's the smallest drop of progress on my Fruhling:

I'm on row 73...of 370 rows.

I've knit 12,440 stitches...but there are 279,800 total.

So, if I've done my math correctly, I've completed a whopping 4.45%.

That means I have a looooong way to go!  How is everyone else doing on their Niebling?  Hopefully better than I am!
Exciting day planned for tomorrow ~ a holiday trip to Churchmouse!  We had so much fun last year that we had to plan another December trek across the water.  I'm so looking forward to it since I haven't seen my knitting pals much at all this year!  Off to finish decorating the house and then maybe a row or 2 on Fruhling ~ happy Sunday!  


  1. Looking good Mel! I'm only on row 57, I've gotta get in gear ;)

    1. thanks, Kelly! I don't recall which Niebling you chose ~ how many rows does your project have?

      row 57 on yours could be much farther along than I am...it's all relative!

  2. So so so very pretty and delicate!!