28 June 2013

Let's Quill ~ guest blogger Annette

Hey everybody,  I finally picked my colors and now I have them!

This is what I chose.....

For my main color I chose snowbound, then long john, almanac, tent and embers.  I haven't quite figured out what order they will be.  Wow did that take along time to pick out.  So many colors so many decisions!

I have a question though,  has anyone ever used the loft colors before?

 I started to think about the colors running.  I was talking with Melissa and she suggested to color test them before using.  I'm going to do that for sure but I just was just wondering what you know or think.

Thanks & happy quilling (I haven't even wound anything yet, so I'll probably be the slow poke of the group)    Annette 


  1. I like the order of colors the way you have them layed out ~ good job!

    shake yourself up a Cosmo :)
    (don't tell anyone but I already did ~ hehe!)

    I still would soak the hanks if I were you since you're using that super light color for the middle ~ but that's me the worrier and mega-planner micro-manager talking :))

  2. Hanks will be soaked and hung tomorrow. Great weather for yarn drying. As far as cosmos already went to dinner/ happy our in our date car. Boston's has great margaritas and happy our food! Just chillen in front of the fan. Too hot to knit!

    1. make sure you keep them out of the sun! I blocked something in the sun years ago and parts of it faded (eek!!)

      full of advice (sorry!) ~ gotta be me :)

  3. Lovely wools, excited to see what comes~