13 August 2013

Nunoing My Summer Away~ post from Kelli

A light lesson in Nuno Felting: You find an open woven piece
of fabric and feltable and a nonfeltable  materials.

The feltable materials will have to cover the 'non'. You lay
out you design, on the bubble wrap on a plastic table~

you roll it all up, with a hot tub bubble wrap and a long thick PVC pipe...you all have this, right?

I use the hottest tap water and a drop of Joy(dish soap that is) and yes you should have joy in your heart too :)

You drench the dry fibers, carefully, and start the rocking process, like how you rock a rolling pin with the palm of your hand, over and over for a really long time.

Unroll and take a peek, and re-wet. Over and over.

The heat, friction, and soap help coax those fibers to mesh together.

You roll and unroll every 15 minutes of so and re-wet and watch it bind together and get a little smaller~

yep it's in there...(wear sandals and shorts, it's messy) 

You can't see, but some of the hairs of the fibers are pocking out the back, after about an hour or more from rocking, you fold it up, like I did here and throw it down folded (as hard as you can) for 100 throws or more, and  the fibers really pock out through the fabric. Water and soap go a fly'in, and you get everybody's attention.

Rinse and lay it out to dry...

Ta-Da, wearable hand woven art that's been happening for centuries~ and with joy!
Happy summer~ Kelli
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  1. looks like a lot of work ~ thanks for sharing

    I have such trouble with 'abstract' things that I don't know that I'd love doing this but it's fun watching you churn them out!

  2. It's been a great a much needed distraction.

  3. They are beautiful, looks like a lot of work, but a beautiful and rewarding outcome.
    We have had perfect weather for this form of art. Keep up the beautiful work.

    1. Thanks, it is only taught in the summer, and when taught in town you should see the stares we get from people passing by...

  4. Thanks for the mini lesson & photos. I would love to try it. I agree, Trudy, perfect weather for this type of art.

  5. Oh. my. goodness! Thank you so much for sharing this process, Kelli. I just love every piece of this you have done. They are truly works of art... and, apparently, a WORK OUT, too. LOL! You'd need to eat your Wheaties before taking this on. Once again, thank you for sharing about this process. It is amazing. blessings ~ tanna

    1. Thanks for the idea for the post. It's a lot of fun with a group all felting at the same time, it seems to go by fast, not so much on your own. I play my tunes and get a tan and finish with clean feet ;)

  6. What a fun & exciting project resulting in wearable art!! I love this so much!