02 March 2014

Spire ...a post from Kelli


                                             Love ~  why do I knit  anything else but lace?


                                           Thanks to whoever posted the picture!


  1. stunning! and in such a lovely color :)

  2. Oh I love it so much!!!! I can't wait to get back to working on mine!

  3. Who posted the picture? Thank you!

    and thank you Trudy, Karen and Andee, for the nice comments~

    They say the harder you work for it the more it means to you... like with all these New Year knits, they mean the most to me.
    I does get a little easier, in a way, but doesn't come natural for me to knit large lace pieces.

    Thanks again to who posted my photo~ :)

  4. photo faeries and word faeries abound ~ I know who the photo faerie is but...
    this is about the 5th different bunch of words to go with this picture since you first posted

    mischief is definitely afoot